Alternative History
Chan Santa Cruz
Chan Santa Cruz
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: The Yucatan, Mexico to Mexico City and Belize
Flag of Chan Santa Cruz
Flag of Chan Santa Cruz
(and largest city)
Chan Santa Cruz
Other cities Valladolid, Campeche, Merida and Chetumal
Yucatec Mayan
  others Spanish
Religion Mayan Christianity
Ethnic Group Mayan
Demonym Santa Cruz Mayan
Halac Uinik
  Ajaws of the line of the Ajaw of: Coba
Established August 26, 1847
Independence from Mexico
  declared 1st January 1980
  recognized 25th June 1981(International)

1st January 1982 (Mexico)

Currency Barter
Organizations ISAF
  • ULN
  • CSTO (Obsv.)

A note on the history Pre-Apocalypse

It is important at this point to note that the Mayan people believe that one can not ever totally destroy a nation as such. A nation is an idea. Therefore, Chan Santa Cruz never died.

Post Apocalypse

Pre Contact

The Mexican Government did not respond well to the Apocalypse. With a lack of communication it appeared to the people of the Yucatan that they were the last humans left. Rather than surrender themselves they decided to make a stand. In the words of one speech " The Spanish came and beat us down. The dead came and beat them down. We shall beat the dead down. The Maya will remain."

Contact Day (25th June 1981)

The ISAF Years

The Southwest Entanglement

Ever North: The push for Mexico City

This came about for two reasons. The most important was that Chan Santa Cruz needed a secure route to trade with its new allies in the Former Southwest US. The second reason was that with the possibility of the old Mexican government forming a 'New Mexico' Chan Santa Cruz needed to secure its sovereignty, and the best way to do that was to turn up with an army.

US Involvement

Operation Aztec

New Threats: Colombia and Madmen


For many years the people of Chan Santa Cruz had looked at Belize as a historic part of their nation and whilst they did not wish to conquer it by force when that ammunition could be used for killing Zombies, secret plans were made between the United Republics and the government should the need arise. However as time passed, it seemed less and less likely that unification would be possible. Thus Chan Santa Cruz made friendly diplomatic maneuvers toward the nation, hoping to place the nation within their Sphere of Influence at least. Then came a completely unexpected turn of events that shocked policy makers in both nations. Colombia invaded and conquered Honduras and Nicaragua. With such an imperialistic nation quickly advancing towards their borders Chan Santa Cruz offered Belize military protection should Colombia make war, as seemed likely. The Belizian Government, in a move that shocked Mayan ambassadors, voted to join Chan Santa Cruz. The nations officially unified on the 25th of June 1992.


With Colombia resurgent and to all appearances imperialistic Chan Santa Cruz sent an envoy to demand the security of the Mayan lands. We were met with no response. Scarcely a month later Colombia announced its intention to 'liberate' portions of Northern Former Mexico and create an allied state. Shocked by this blatant attempt to encircle them, the government started a major overhaul of the armed forces, to better meet the threat, along with sending a last chance ultimatum to the Colombian capital. The silence continued and Chan Santa Cruz started mobilising at the fastest possible rate. Due to this relations with Russia started drop off sharply, because Colombia was a member of the CSTO. However Chan Santa Cruz protested and cited Colombian expansion northward as justification to defend their borders. Allies within the organisation also cited Colombian expansion into Brazil, which lead to Colombian suspension from the alliance. Colombia quickly backtracked, asking instead to participate in a joint operation to clear Northern Mexico of Zombies. Chan Santa Cruz declined as at that moment the Texan situation required dealing with. 

The Texas Risings

Houston, we have a problem...
Shock and Awe
International reaction
Operation Nova

Began on the 25th of June 19.. with a 50,000 strong landing at Port Lavaca. After months of bombing and naval bombardment the landing went of perfectly, with minimal casualties on the aggressors side despite fierce individual resistance. Chan Santa Cruzian soldiers were shocked at the ferocity with which the Rezzurectioists fought. 

"They are almost like the dead... They fight, with little or no concern for themselves. They do not stop, even when we delivered killing blows. Our saving grace was the lack of organisation. They did not move in groups, a tactic adopted, I presume, to avoid mass killing by the endless bombing missions we flew. That and the fact that we know how to fight such as these. Lessons learned against Zombies were being applied in short order. Snipers. Nothing survives a head shot. Me ... I got around 50. Not as nice as fighting Zombies, but ... you do the job."

- K'atun Juan Avila Zapata, of the 29th Francotirador Battalion, Merida

International relations (True as of 1994.00)




  • Many


Last Resort

  • None


  • None


  • None


  • Rezzurectionist Texas

Economy (As of 1990.00)

Self Sufficient

  • Wood (Lumber)
  • Bricks (Clay)
  • Water
  • Concrete
  • Wheat (Maize)

Trading for

  • Oil (With Texas for Wood)
  • Coal (With Dinetah for Wood)

Urgently needed

  • Ammunition
  • Guns
  • Metal

Sports and Culture



Mayan Football League
  • Cancun Caimans
  • Villahermosa Falcons