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Chaos TL
The World

Chaos TL - A world without Genghis Khan's conquests

This timeline by Max Sinister starts with the death of Genghis Khan in 1200 (thus preventing the Mongol conquest of Russia, China and Persia) and goes until the year 1993. History changes a lot compared to OTL, although some patterns seem to reappear.

The complete timeline (including stories) is over 800 kB long, and has more than 350 pages on this wiki, of which more than 100 are about the nations alone.

Since it does not only cover a very long time, but is also very detailed (even if a bit Europe-centric), it is recommended that you start reading with:

  • the abridged TL (only the most interesting events)
  • the summary (general development of the world regions in every century)
  • or you read the whole TL in (geographical / temporal) blocks.


The name "Chaos" comes from the Chaos theory-related Butterfly Effect which slowly spreads through Eurasia and later the rest of the world. Well, partly that, partly because I wanted to create a villain for a GURPS Infinite Earths setting, which should be different than the Centrum TL which I find somewhat improbable, partly because in the second half of the 20th century many areas in the equivalent of the Third World fall into, well, chaos, and partly because I had no better idea for a name.

TTL may be called the Mount Everest of AH - starting a realistic TL covering the whole world where Genghis Khan can't start the Mongol conquests and which continues until the year 2000 or a comparable Tech level is reached (whichever comes first).

Note that TTL uses a limited butterfly effect: After a certain while there aren't e.g. the successors from OTL, but only "morphic twins" from the same dynasties. Not as in other TLs where historical persons may pop up even 1000 years after the POD.

OTOH, the POD doesn't immediately cause that all persons born will be different. That's why "limited butterfly effect" - after the POD it will take some years until the changes are outside the lands of the Mongols, several decades until they reach Europe and even centuries for Australia. (That's not exactly how chaos theory works, but it's a bit easier to write.)