Alternative History
Charles IV
Charles IV by an unknown artist
King of Spain
Reign 29 August 1739 –

24 February 1777

Predecessor Charles III
Successor Ferdinand VI
Spouse Maria Vittoria, Queen of Spain
Maria Francisca, Duchess of Tuscany
Infanta Maria Doroteia
Maria Anna Josefa, Queen of Portugal
Louisa Carolina, Margravess of Baden
Ferdinand VI
House House of Habsburg
Father Charles III
Mother Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Born 21 June 1716
Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna
Died 24 February 1777 (aged 60)
Madrid, Spain
Burial El Escorial, Spain
Religion Roman Catholicism

Charles IV (Spanish: Carlos IV; 21 June 1716 – 24 February 1777) was King of Spain from 29 August 1739 to his death. The only son of his father, Charles III, he was held the title of Duke of Majorca and Aragon from 1735 to his ascension, as well as the that of the heir of Spain; the Prince of Austurias from 1725 to 1739. In his country he is remembered by the nickname of the Liberal.

Born in Austria early in the Fifteen Years War, Charles' father left his only son in the care of his brother, Joseph IHoly Roman Emperor, whilst he led troops in Spain. As a result of his father's detachment from his son, the younger Charles grew up in solitude despite the opulence of his lifestyle, instead preferring to be tutored by Catholic ministers and religious teachers than members of the government. Moreover, after his father had been placed on the throne in 1725 Charles, at the request of his brother, remained in court in Vienna than moving with his family to Madrid, further alienating him from the older Charles and leaving him at a disadvantage when it would come time for him to take the throne.

After travelling to Spain for the first time in his life to take up his crown, Charles set about overhauling the system of governance set up by his father, particularly the expanded powers of the nobility. As a result of the restrictions of their primary powers throughout his 37 years led to several minor conflicts as supporters of the pretender Philip VI of France rallied behind the Bourbon monarch during the First Philippian War; the conclusion of hostilities bringing an end to the dynastic feud between Habsburgs and Bourbons in Charles IV's favour (his plans to restrict the powers of the nobility going forward) although it left the nation an the verge of bankruptcy.