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Charles V
Titian - Portrait of Charles V Seated - WGA22964.jpg
Holy Roman Emperor;

King of Germany;

Reign 1508 - 1562
Predecessor Maximilian I
Successor N/A
King of Spain

(with Alexis)

Reign 1508 - 1561
Predecessor Ferdinand IV
Successor Phillip I
Archduke of Austria
Reign 1508 - 1562
Predecessor Maximilian I
Successor Ferdinand I
Born 1486
Died 1562
Yuste, Spain
Spouse Alexis of Castile
House Habsburg
Father Maximilian I
Mother Katharina of Swabia

Charles V (1486 – 1562) was the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1508 to 1562, succeeding his father Maximilian I, and of the Spanish Empire as Charles I from 1508 until his abdication in 1561.

As the ruler of many greater and lesser European states, Charles had a very complicated coat of arms. He was the heir of two of Europe's leading dynasties, the House of Habsburg of the Habsburg Monarchy and the House of Trastámara of the Crowns of Castile and Aragon. He ruled over extensive domains in Central, Western, and Southern Europe, and the Spanish colonies in the Americas and Asia. As Charles was the first king to rule Castile, León, and Aragon simultaneously in his own right, he became the first King of Spain. In 1508, Charles became Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria.

Charles V Map PM3

Map of Charles V's possession's in 1508.

Charles V Map PM3 1562

Map of Charles V's possession's in 1562.

Charles V Map PM3 1562 claims

Map of Charles V's possession's in 1562 showing all claims.

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