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Finnish Diplomat and historian Henrik Meinander once said on the third anniversary of Charles' ascension to the throne of Sweden:

"King Charles yields more power than the more recent Bernadotte kings, even his own father and predecessor. The nation's future lays on his hand, its consciousness on his mind, and its welfare on his choices."

Charles XVII
King of Sweden
Reign 30 April 2013 – present
Coronation 21 July 2013
Predecessor Carl XVI Gustaf
Heir apparent Crown Prince Alexander
Born 13 May, 1979 (1979-05-13) (age 41)
Stockholm Palace, Stockholm, Sweden
Spouse Sofia Hellqvist (m. 2015)
Issue Crown Prince Alexander
Prince Gabriel, Duke of Dalarna
Full name
Carl Philip Edmund Bertil
House Bernadotte
Father Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden
Mother Silvia Sommerlath
Religion Church of Sweden

Charles XVII (Carl Philip Edmund Bertil; born 13 May, 1979) is the King of Sweden. Charles is the only son and second eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf the Great. Despite reigning as Charles XVII, King Charles is actually the eleventh Swedish monarch with that name, as his predecessor King Charles IX (who reigned from 1604 to 1611) had adopted a numeral based on a fictitious history of Sweden.

Charles was born in 1979, almost two decades following the war that was said to have destroyed Western civilization. He was educated in Stockholm and later joined the Royal Swedish Navy at 18 years of age.

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