Grand Duchy of Charliana
Grande-duché de la Charlesiane
Timeline: Sundered Veil
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms of the Grand Duke
Location of Grand Duchy of Charliana
Location of Charlesiane
Capital Nouvelle-Orléans
Largest city Nouvelle-Marseille
Other cities St. Denis, St. Louis, Cheyenne, Détroit
Language French
Demonym Charlesianan
Government Constitutional Monarchy

Charlesiane (shar-LEEZ-ee-ann) is a Constitutional Monarchy situated in central and south-east Vinlandia.


The name Charlesiane comes from early french explorer Philippe Lasalle, who named the first french territories after Charlemagne, whose importance in French culture had increased dramatically following the exploits of Joan of Arc and the establishment of the Order of Charlemagne.


Early European Settlement

Establishment of Duchy

Commonwealth Revolution and Tecumseh

At the outbreak of the Commonwealth Revolution in 1777, the Charlesianan government began conscription as an effort to ensure the war didn't enter its territory. Blah blah blah Tecumseh tries to war with the Vinlandians but when they get the better of him he signs a treaty with Charlesiane backed by France to establish an autonomous Skraeling homeland within Charlesianan territory.

French Revolution fails in France, Duke of Charlesiane introduces the Parliament act, enacting reforms similar to those adopted by the Commonwealth, as well as further land grants to French settlers. This attracts thousands of disillusioned French republicans over the next several years.

Statute of Emancipation and Civil War

Charlesianan-Mexican War

Government and Politics


Charlesiane is a constitutional monarchy with the Grand Duke acting as the head of state


Charlesiane is divided into 19 Marches, each headed by a hereditary Marquis, but in practice governed by a legislative assembly headed by a Premier. The one exception is Cherokis which is governed by a council of Chieftains.


Nouvelle Bretagne

Nouvelle Bretagne is a semi-autonomous Duchy within Charlesiane made up of the marches of Marseille and Nevescrozon. The marches, which have a majority Breton population, successfully campaigned for more autonomy and were organized as a Duchy in 1989. The Duchy is headed by a Duke, and has its own parliament separate from that of French Charlesiane, but still must answer to the Grand Duke, and abide by any royal decrees.


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