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Timeline: Days After Chaos
Flag of Chautauqua (Days After Chaos)
Flag of Chautauqua
(and largest city)
Language English
Religion Paganism
Government Elective Monarchy
Great Leader

Chautauqua is a nation in the Lower Midwest around OTL Southeastern Kansas. It is an Elective Monarchy, mainly led by the Lindquist Clan.


Sometime in the early 1850s, the area that would make up Kansas was plunged into chaos. The former state was quickly overran by nomadic tribes, and many skirmishes had broke out in the region. Much fighting ensured for quite a few decades. Soon, in 1910, a part of OTL Southeastern Kansas soon was taken over and secured by Damon Lindquist, leader of the Lindquist clan, after achieving a unification over some nomadic tribes, and established Chautauqua.

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