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Flag of the Chiefdom of Krannkush (Great White South)

Flag of the Chiefdom of Krannkush.

The Chiefdom of Krannkush (Ognian: Ушиеӄўенн Краннкушана, Ushieqwenn Krannkushana; Russian: Краннкушкая Вождество, Krannkushkaya Vozhdyestvo) was a former chiefdom located in Western Antarctica. At its height it included most of the territory of modern day Ognia and some areas outside. Much of the chiefdom was conquered by the Russian Empire by the 1840s, with the rest of the chiefdom becoming a protectorate of Russia. The protectorate was finally absorbed into Russia as the Krannkush Oblast in 1902. Following the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917, the chiefdom was re-established, but attempts to regain control over its historic territories resulted in a civil war which lasted until the 1930s. These regions would eventually reunify under the United Chiefdom of Ognia in the 1940s, which would expand to form the Ognian Confederation by 1972.

Krannkush was dominated by the Krannkush people, with other Ognic-speaking peoples living across the chiefdom. Despite being a unified entity, the majority of governmental practices were done by regional councils, who among them would select a chief. These chiefs would then come together in a Grand Council to appoint a Paramount Chief and settle disputes. During Russian rule, the Chiefs and Paramount Chief would recognize the superiority of the Russian Tsar, in exchange Russia would not get involved in local issues. The Grand Council would also include Russian-appointees, whose primary purpose was to secure Russian interests. Despite the assurances that Russia would not get involved in local politics, in a few cases these Russian representatives participated in votes. The chiefdom was replaced by a Russian-styled government between 1902 until 1917.
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