Chiefs of Staff Committee
Role Advisory board providing professional military advice to the Minister for Defence and the Chancellor
Established 1947
Constituting instrument National Security Act of 1947
Chairman Mark Binskin
Vice Chairman Ray Griggs
Number of members Seven
Parent agency Ministry of Defence
Staff organization The Joint Staff (For the Chairman and the Vice Chairman; the service chiefs and the IGB chief have their own staffs assisting them)
Seat Defence Complex, Mandurah

The Chiefs of Staff Committee (CSC) is a body of senior uniformed leaders in the Cygnian Ministry of Defence who advise the Sovereign, the Chancellor, the Minister for Defence, Secretary for Defence and the National Security Council on military matters. The composition of the Chiefs of Staff Committee is defined by statute and consists of the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (CCSC), Vice Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (VCCSC), the Chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, and the Chief of the Imperial Guard Bureau, all appointed by the Chancellor of Cygnia following Senate confirmation. Each of the individual Service Chiefs, outside of their CSC obligations, works directly for the Secretary for the Department concerned, i.e. those of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

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