In 850, the Chinese alchemist who discovered gunpowder by accident, instead of adding honey to his concoction of sulfur, realgar and saltpetre, added animal dung, and subsequently discovered explosives. Burned and tossed to the ground, he witnessed as the explosion he created propelled a burning piece of bamboo hundreds of feet into the air. He was forever inspired to create a craft, powered by explosives, which could reach into the heavens. Rather than using explosives only as weapons, the Chinese also experiment with lighting the explosives in closed spaces, to propel objects skyward.

After creating crude rockets that could go far without being destroyed, to deliver the explosives, the Chinese used them to decimate the armies of the invading Mongols in the late 12th century. These were far superior to catapaults, as they had greater range, destructive power, and could be fired more rapidly. They were called huojiang, fire arrows. The Tang Dynasty never fell, and China's golden age continued.

They continued westward; overthrowing the Muslim empires and seized all of Russia (except the part next to Finland) with what are credited as the first "cruise missiles," the Chinese invade Europe, overthrowing the feudal system and bringing about the renaissance over a century earlier than in OTL. Constantinople is captured in 1347; after capturing the city, the general of the Chinese forces is reported to have said "this city on the sea shall become our golden doorway to the glorious west." The name given, Xiangguang-yao, meant "Way to the shining west," to reflect this. As this was the height of intellectual achievement in Persia at the time, the Chinese gained knowledge of advanced mathematics and chemistry, which helped them develop their rockets further.

In 1358, the Chinese set out to conquer the Pacific Islands and Australia and the Aluetian Islands.

Emperors later adopted 60 cultures and millions of customs.

As the Chinese pushed forward, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Eastern Europe, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg and Burgundy fell. China started the Zheng Dynasty and bought land from Italy (North and East Italy), France (Eastern France), and Spain (Northeast and South Spain).

The Chinese then spread to all of North Africa, West West Africa, Northeast East Africa, Madagascar and its surrounding islands, and Zanzibar.

Soon, China became a world power.

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