Alternative History

Imperial Federation of China
1986 –
Chinese fderation flag
Asia above all else
March of the Volunteers
Chinese Federation map

The Federation at its greatest extent 1996.
Capital Shanghai
Official language Chinese, Korean
Religion Atheist
Government Communist Monarchy
Head of state
Emperor of China
"Shihi Mo Lung"
'Head of defense
President of the Federation
"Hu Jintao"
Legislature National Assembly
Population 18,600,000
Historical era
June 3rd, 1986

The Imperial Federation of China is a large communist state and monarchy bordering Russia, Alaska, the Middle East, and the Japanese Union. It is claimed to be an official monarchy under communism, due to disaster within the nation to be caused by disease and terrorism. Soon, in 1992, China is now peaceful and has repaired the damage in which it has held after 1985. Chinese repopulation programs, under the Two-children policy, have become active since 1990, hoping to rebuild China's former glory. In 1992, the Siam Trade Union was invaded and annexed by China, along with the Amir Basin and Mongolia to the North. However, China was unable to invade India due to its large population, which pushed back Chinese forces by 2003.

Today, China remains communist while being led by a monarchy just as it is led by president Hu Jintao. Chinese tradition has also survived after the Nuclear Holocaust, seeing the country now peaceful and rich with gold, metal, and oil. By 2005, the empress, Shihi Mo Lung, had signed a treaty to form an alliance with Japan and Germania while in need of having the two nations protect the now neutral country from invasion.