Chinese People’s Unification Council
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Map of associated states

Headquarters Secretariat Harbin, Manchuria
Associated states Manchuria and Xinjiang
Official language Chinese
Area n/a
Population n/a
Currencies Manchurian Renminbi (M¥) and Xinjiang People's Yuan
Accounting Unit

The Chinese People’s Unification Council (CPUC) is political and economic organization of Manchuria and Xinjiang. Its aims include the unification of China, promote economic growth, social progress among its members and mutual defense.

The CPUC is the main organization of Progressive Group of the Pan-Chinese movement. The CPUC was created in 1945 by the All-China PPCC, incorporating the socialist states of Manchuria and Xinjiang. The All-China PPCC founded in 1937 as umbrella organization of the Progressive Group.

Most of its works is carried out by the All-China PPCC affiliated bodies and members.

Organization CPUC

The supreme organ of representation and political power is the All-China Union Congress. The Congress is the joint session of the All-China People’s Political Consultative Conference (All-China PPCC) and delegates of Manchuria and Xinjiang. The Congress meets every two years and elects a Standing Committee, a Central Military Affairs Commission (CMC) and a Secretariat.

Membership CPUC

  • Political parties (All-China PPCC)
    • Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
    • Manchurian Workers' and Peasants' Party (MWPP)
    • Xinjiang-Uyghur People's Party (XUPP)
    • Taiwanese Communist Party
    • Productive People's Party (former Tibetan Communist Party)
    • United People's Democratic Front of Manchuria (political coalition)
    • People's Revolutionary and Democratic Front of Xinjiang (political coalition)
  • Social organizations (All-China PPCC)
    • All China Federation of Trade Unions
    • Taiwanese Federation of Trade Unions
    • All China Federation of Democratic Women
    • League of the Working Youth of China
    • Academies of Sciences of Manchuria
    • Academies of Sciences of Xinjiang
    • Overseas Workers' Fraternal Organizations League

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