• Add "Category:Choose Your Own Alternate History!" to every page, without the quotation marks.
  • Don't be afraid to end the story line! So long as it ends with a conclusion to the result of the previous divergences, it will be fine.
  • Skip through the years a bit. It's not necessary that every divergence be right after the end of the previous one.

Updated Rules

  • Only registered contributors of good standing (at least 75 edits) can edit CYOAH, due to increasingly ridiculous and unrealistic additions. If you are a new user with less than 75 edits, but sure that you can make CYOAH better, a special consideration can be made.
  • If any additions are made by an unregistered contributor, they will be deleted! The only possible way they may be accepted is if they are by either Jazon, Azecreth or me. If there is no support from any of us, it will be deleted.
  • And, lastly, only one of the controllers can add a new main OD to this page. Any created by anyone else without our permission will be deleted! This is only to keep CYOAH from getting too large too fast.
  • Due to the large number of pages in CYOAH, it has become necessary to tidy up a bit. Therefore, all articles will now have a sub-category relating back to the first POD on this page (ex: every articn, so f

Previous - [Insert previous link here]

[Words explaining what is going on, there is no amount too small or too grand, though try to keep this section under 15 lines, and more than two lines.]

[The question that was prompted by the above paragraph(s)] (If it is the end of the story line, place "End of Story line" instead of a question and choices)

  • Choice One
  • Choice Two
  • Choice Three
  • Choice Four (You ought to have at least two choices, but not more than four.)

[Your signature, or four tildes (~) in a row]

Anyway, let's get started!

Signed, The Creator, Tbguy1992

P.S.: If you like this idea, let me know! Message, E-mail, snail mail, telegram, Pony Express, homing pigeon, or smoke signals, I don't care, but let me know!

We Did It!

Congratulations everyone, for we have finally hit the big one-oh-oh (100) pages! Good work, and hopefully we will soon reach 200!

Also, The first POD provided, Hitler Dies: 1927 (CYOAH) is nearing completion, as more and more of the TL's are starting to reach the end of their stories, as created by you. Good job!

Tbguy1992 02:22, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

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