A long time ago (July 6, 2010), I started a new idea called Choose Your Own Alternate History! The idea was simply to allow everyone the chance to make a constantly branching Alternate History, to see what everyone would decide. While the original one had a lot of activity, in the end it became very unwieldily and a loss of interest. But today, January 19, 2014, Choose Your Own Alternate History! Redux will begin! Tbguy1992; Talk; Blog 00:18, January 20, 2014 (UTC)




Points of Divergence

Please message me first before any new POD's are added!

The Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871 started over a telegram that enraged French Emperor Napoleon III. What if the French turn the other cheek?

A young mariner by the name of Cristoforo Colombo is turned away by the court of Queen Isabella of Spain. What if Christopher Columbus finds a new sponsor?

The forces of the Central Powers and the Entente are locked in intractable stalemate in 1915, when strange Aliens that look like Bats from Space invade. Will the human forces unite to fight? And will they use their powers over magic and time travel and all the other crazy things to win?

Battle for Earth and Create Your Own Alternative History join forces. The acclaimed franchise is back and you decide the fate of the galaxy!

Mscoree’s satirical choose-your-own adventure account of the war to end all wiki wars. If you are banned you lose the game. You win by managing to navigate the situation with the least amount of conflict possible. Bonus points for winning the game while actually causing the most amount of damage (more difficult than it seems).

You're a young man stuck in Southern Virginia after a Nuclear Apocalypse. You have to rebuild your lost world from scratch in the year 1975.

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