It is the year 32 AD. Jeshua (Jesus) Christ has been preaching the Gospel for years and the Jewish and Roman authorities decide that he must be crucified. Jesus tells his followers that he is creating a new kingdom of God on Earth and that to secure this kingdom he must survive and lead a revolt. Jesus conspires with his disciples that he will fake his own death on the cross in order to be taken down, buried alive, and that his disciples must watch the graveyard closely so they can rescue him from his grave before he dies. Jesus is slipped a moderate dose of a poison to render him in an unconscious state with a low enough heartbeat and breath rate to be mistaken for dead. He is removed from the cross and buried. Shortly afterwards his followers sneak him out. He wakes up a few hours later. He then goes around telling people he had been resurrected and to follow him to create a kingdom of God and to punish the ungodly Romans and the Jewish authorities. The Christian Revolution begins. Judea is seized in a matter of weeks. Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of Israel and Pontius Pilate among other authorities are executed by crucifixion.

Caesar Tiberius of the Roman Empire rallies the nation to suppress the rebellion. Jesus announces that the Jewish religion is no longer reserved for the Jewish ethnicity, but that all nations could believe in their God and would be saved by grace for believing in him and supporting him. Christianity quickly becomes such a large sect of Judaism that it doesn't differentiate as its own religion. Instead only small sects of Judaism exist that claim Christ is a false prophet. These are banned by Jesus. News of Christ's resurrection travel far and wide. Soon the neighboring provinces of Philistia, Galilee and Phoenicia. Emperor Tiberius, fearing a further spread of the rebellion recognizes the independence of the Judean Empire in 34 AD.

In 37 AD Caligula takes the position of Caesar and decides that Tiberius made a mistake by letting go of Judea. He invades. The war lasts for four years, and the Parthian Empire takes advantage of the situation by helping the Judean Empire. In the end Judea receives the eastern part of Egypt, Cyprus, and part of Turkey. Parthia expands westward a little into Turkey. Caligula winds up killed by conspirators who receive help from Judea and is replaced by Claudius who sues for peace.

Jesus Christ took Mary Magdelene as his queen and produced an heir, Ishmael who would accede the throne on his death in 52 AD.

Until his death Emperor Jesus expands his empire, conquering the west coast of the Arabian peninsula and expanding his territory in Africa southward. The Empire brutally imposes Christianity as the only legal religion. Thousands are put to death. There are some major changes. Dietary laws and many other laws of the old testament are abolished. The coloseum, a Roman introduction, is banned. Stonings and crucifixions continue although the regime is more lenient towards sin, more willing to give people second chances. Execution continues for nonbelief however.

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