Alternative History
Apostolic Church of East Africa
Current Head Bishop Andrew of East Africa
Headquarters Adis Ababa, Ethopia
Moscow, Russia
Territory Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia
Language Amharic, Somali, Ge'ez, Arabic, Russian

The Apostolic Church of East Africa (Amharic: ምስራቅ አፍሪካ ሐዋርያዊ ቤተክርስቲያን, misirak’i āfirīka ḥāwariyawī bētekirisitīyani; Somali: Kaniisadda Rasuulka ee Bariga Afrika, Arabic: الكنيسة الرسولية بشرق أفريقيا, alkanisat alrasuliat bisharq 'afriqia, Russian: Апостольская церковь Восточной Африки, Apostol'skaya tserkov' Vostochnoy Afriki) is an autonomous church of the Moscow Patriarchate that is based in Ethiopia, which an overseas ally of Russia. Its jurisdiction covers Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, however the Somali jurisdiction is located in Ethiopia, due to the hostilities against Christians in Somalia.

The church contain a large mix of native East Africans, namely Somali converts to Orthodox Christianity, Eritreans and some Ethiopians, as well as overseas Russians in East Africa, that is currently headed by Bishop Gabriel of East Africa.

It is not be mistaken with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, an indigenous Oriental Orthodox, to which the Church of East Africa maintains positive and healthy relations with.

The church currently contains 120,420 members, and 56,420 registered members.