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Machu Picchu[]

Machu Pikchu
Machu Picchu
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Location of Machu Picchu
Nation Inca Four Provinces
Province Kuntisuyu
Area 3562.9 km2
Population 13,500,000
Population Density 3,789 hab/sq km
Demonym Picchuan
Settled 1400
OTL equivalent Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the largest city in the Four United Provinces of the Inca nation. As its primary commercial center it is a central location for the exchange of money, holding the Provincial Stock Exchange and offices for the state bank. Consequently, Machu Picchu is the seventh richest city on the planet in terms of nominal GDP. The city is located 80 km northwest of the capital, Cuzco, and 2,400 or so meters above sea level. Its location in the Andean mountains and extensive system of walls make it one of the most easily defensible urban areas in history. Like many Inca locals, it has not once been captured by an enemy force.

Some of the most advanced irrigation systems were invented here in order to maintain agriculture at such heights. Even now the surrounding region is one of the primary producers of grapes for Inca wine, much of the production taking place inside the city walls. Industrial production is likewise impressive high in the region as it is a center for the Inca automotive and microchip industries, despite the difficulty in transporting materials up and down the mountains.

The site of Machu Picchu holds intense religious significance as one of the state's Huacas, a title which it gained sometime around the 1500's. Inca priests have built a ritual bathhouse on the most revered site in the city to offer cleansing of the body and spirit to the people. The city has therefore become a significant site of pilgrimage for followers of the Inca state religion, of which nearly all Inca are a part of.