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City of London
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OTL equivalent: City of London
Flag of the City of London.svg Coat of Arms of The City of London.svg
Coat of arms
Domine Dirige Nos (Latin)
"O Lord Direct us"
City of London shown within the London region
CapitalCity of London
Official languages English

The City of London is a city-state within the former British region of London, located in the Southeast of England. The nation originates from the former ceremonial county and city within London, constituting the boundaries of the former Roman settlement of Londinium, which today is engulfed by London proper. Before the chaos the city was also often referred to as simply as the City, or alternatively, the Square Mile, given its small size.

Londinium, the Roman settlement in modern day London, was established around 50 AD, possibly by merchants as a trading port on the tidal Thames. The city would eventually grow to one of the largest commercial centers in the west of the Roman Empire, maintaining a population of about 60,000 people by the year 100 AD. When William the Conqueror marched on London following the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD, the city of London was allowed to retain a great deal of authority, as shown by a charter dated 1075 AD, being one of few examples of the English retaining authority over local holdings. During the 1700s the city of London underwent rapid growth, reflecting an increasingly industrialized country and growing national population. The City of London would be surrounded by urban development, most notably towards the West End and Westminster, becoming a small part of a much larger metropolis.

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