Alternative History


1988- Bill Clinton's long-winded speech before the Democratic Convention, makes him look far more foolish than he thought. His later attempt at redemption on "The Tonight Show" fails, when the show is pre-empted by an earthquake in San Francisco.

1992- Six days before the Iowa primary, Jennifer Flowers releases tapes of a conversation between her and Clinton. The tapes are highly incriminating and paint Clinton as an adulterer. Other women step forward and make similar charges. Again, an attempt to "clear the air" on "60 Minutes" ends badly as Clinton and his wife Hillary flub a question about former Democratic Presidential candidate Gary Hart and his problems with philandering.

Clinton comes in fourth behind Harkin, Tsongas, and Bob Kerrey in Iowa. Tsongas wins New Hampshire, with Kerrey second and Harkin third, and Clinton and Jerry Brown tied at fourth. South Carolina, Clinton's "make or break" (as a Southern state) leaves him in a poor third, behind Tsongas and Kerrey. He drops out of the race and returns to Arkansas.

Paul Tsongas wins the Democratic nomination. He asks "Southern centrist" Al Gore to run as his Vice-President. Unfortunately, Tsongas is a "Greek Massachusetts liberal" and the parallels to Michael Dukakis are unmistakable. Despite the bleeding off of many conservative votes by Ross Perot, President George H.W. Bush wins a second term by 47%-42% over the Tsongas-Gore ticket.

1996- Dan Quayle runs for President as the incumbent Vice-President, and most Democrats consider this election to be a "cake-walk" for Quayle. By the time the Democrat primaries are through, nominee Al Gore is badly bruised, both by his base, the "centrists" and by the liberal base, which openly calls him a sell-out. However, during the campaign Gore manages to damage Quayle on the issues of the slow economic recovery, and the recent ground war in the former Yugoslavia which ended the civil war, which lead to relatively high American casualties. Quayle and his Vice-President Bob Dole win, but only by 8% and 94 electoral votes.

2000- Bill Clinton makes a second attempt at the Democratic nomination. His early numbers look good in Iowa, but just as the debates get underway, an intern at this Little Rock law firm admits in an e-mail, that she had been giving the former Arkansas governor oral sex for the past eight months. The e-mail, copied by a Republican friend of the woman, ends up on a little known news website called "The Drudge Report" and reporters swarm her home. Three weeks later, Clinton drops out of the race, as poll numbers show him in sixth place behind Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

In November, Republicans hold on to the White House as the Quayle/Dole ticket is reelected defeating Senator John Breaux and Representative Bill Richardson for the Presidency. Breaux, a friend of both Quayle and Dole, is offered the position of Secretary of State and accepts it.

2004- George W. Bush and John Breaux defeat Howard Dean and John Edwards in the 2004 elections by 52% to 47%. One of the reason s for Bush's victory was the perception that Dean was too liberal and was not ready to be commander-in-chief in time of war.

Hillary Rodham Clinton runs in her native state of Illinois for the US Senate. She has a decent showing against Barack Obama, but cannot win in the primary, as charges of "carpet-bagger" are thrown around in the Chicago press.

World Without Clinton