Club Atlantische (Club Atlantic)
Directed by Ernst van Doomelen
Written by Ernst van Doomelen & Themba Dikotsi
Starring Karl Verwoerd

Lauren Amadhila

Annie de Waart
Studio Kaap Film Maatskaapy
Release date(s) 23rd March, 2015
Running time 71 minutes
Country New Netherlands
Language Dutch & Xhosa subtitles

Club Atlantische, Club Atlantic, is 2015 New Netherlands film directed by Ernst Van Doomelen and written by van Doomelen and Themba Dikotsi.

The story revolves around a Kaapstad nightclub Club Atlantische where the owner, Jakob (Karl Verwoerd), finds a young Gllana woman, Lillith (Lauren Amadhila), working in the kitchens singing and dancing amongst the other workers 'below stairs'. Jakob is impressed, and plucks her out for the stage, where she becomes a popular part of the club's roster. He falls in love with her in the process, becoming jealous of her other admirers she attracts in the club and he attempts to woo her. This clinch is discovered by Jakob's glamourous wife, Lenie (Annie de Waart) herself a singer at the club, who we find out was discovered in much the same way six years before. Lenie follows Lillith home to a poor neighbourhood, leaving Jakob a note saying what she is doing. Lenie confronts her, brandishing a pistol, but Lillith protests her innocence. Jakob arrives as the pair struggle and Lenie shoots the light out. In the dark Jakob is shot and killed.

The women halt their fighting as Lenie cradles Jakob in her arms. It is clear neither of them know who fired the fatal shot and the pair agree to help each other, Lenie buying Lillith's silence with promises of fame and fortune. 'One Year Later', the club had been renamed Lenie's. Lenie is shown introducing Lillith onto the stage to a raptuous applause from the club's audience.


Jakob - Karl Verwoerd
Lillith - Lauren Amadhila
Lenie - Annie de Waart
Cleaner - Olehile Madibane
Club Patron - Sam Visagie
Club Patron - Robert Bouwer

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