Flag of the CAS

Axisworld intalignment

World Alignment, 2009. Red denotes the Coalition of Axis States, Blue the Allied Nations.

The Coalition of Axis States is the largest and most powerful multinational organization on the planet. Founded in 1949 by the victorious Axis Powers, it in theory serves as a body that dictates international law as well as acts as a forum for Axis-aligned nations to engage in diplomacy. In practice, however, it is little more than an extension of the largest and most influential members' power and serves as a tool for the Greater German Reich and Empire of Japan to keep a rein on their less powerful minor allies and puppets.

Membership is extremely regimented and participating states occupy a tiered system. Standing in the hierarchy is determined by a combination of global political influence, military strength, and loyalty to the Security Council. It is arranged as follows:

Security Council

Greater German Reich

Empire of Japan

Confederate States of America

Italian Empire

Spanish State

Tier I

Portuguese State

French State

Kingdom of Croatia

Republic of South Africa

Republic of Slovakia

Kingdom of Hungary

Romanian State

Kingdom of Bulgaria

Republic of Finland

Republic of Rhodesia

Tier II

Kingdom of Siam

Kingdom of Persia

Mengjiang United Autonomous Government

Republic of Tibet

Republic of Turkey

Kingdom of Manchuria

Lokot Republic

Central Asian Republic

Trucial Emirates

Tier III

Kingdom of Yemen

Sultanate of Oman

State of Afghanistan

Pakistani State

Arabian League

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