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The Cold War is the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition existing after World War II (1939–1947) particularly in regards to the United States and Soviet Union and their Spheres of Influence. In Europe, this would lead to the Polarisation of East and West in the forms of NATO in the west and the Moscow Pact members in the East. Outside of Europe however, several conflicts deciding the fate of countries split between ideology would result; many of which went in favour of the Soviet Union.


With NATO engagements in the Kosovo War in 1999 inside the Communist China Bloc country of Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union was more wary of NATO's capabilities and outlook on the Cold War. While remaining outside of the two spheres, the Kosovo War was closer to home, virtually in the middle of the situation. This leads to Soviet support towards Yugoslavia in regards to its territorial claims on Kosovo, which has run as an independent from Belgrade administration supported by NATO.

Cold War 2009 (Nuclear Realisation)

NATO (Blue) and Moscow Pact (Red) members, with Associated MP countries in Pink

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