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After The World War relations between Germany, Russia and the United States of America soured into an ideological war, ruled by heavy propaganda campaigns. Each nation had massive internal conflicts between their native citizens and conquered minority peoples, and each dealt with them in their own way.

While Germany remained a Monarchy with the Hohenzollern Kaisers, it soon found a tentative friendship with the USSR. Its northern antagonist, the Scandinavian Union aligned with the USA and Ireland.

In the East, China and Japan reached an armistice that looked to flare into open war at any moment.


The Hohenzollern regime had its hands full with their conquests from The Great War and The World War. For the better part of the 1950's and 60's serious reforms were put in place in the government as Germany sought to integrate these different countries and territories.

Most difficult were the Baltic lands, Poland and Tirol and the Adriatic Corridor.


The United States of America