College of Cardinals
Type Electoral body
Legal status active
Purpose/focus Choosing new pope
Headquarters St Peter's Basilica
Location Rome
Official languages Latin
Parent organization Catholic Church

The College of Cardinals is the collection of cardinals within the Roman Catholic Church. Each cardinal is appointed by the pope and represents the upper echelon of the Catholic Church. The College is responsible for selecting the next pope whenever the incumbent dies or decides to abdicate. 


1303 Papal Conclave

Name Appointed Nation Votes
Giovanni Boccamazza 1285, December 22 Papal States 8
Nicola Boccasini 1298, December 4 Treviso
Teodorico Ranieri 1298, December 4 Papal States X
Leonardo Patrasso 1300, March 2 Papal States X
Pedro Rodríguez 1302, December 15 Castille
Giovanni Minio da Morrovalle 1302, December 15 Papal States X
Niccolò Alberti 1303, December 18 Florence
Robert de Pontigny 1294, September 18 France
Gentile Partino 1300, March 2 Papal States X
Walter Winterburn - England
Napoleone Orsini Frangipani 1288, May 16 Papal States X
Landolfo Brancaccio 1294, September 18 Naples 2
Guglielmo de Longhi 1294, September 18 Naples X
Francesco Caetani 1295, December 17 Papal States X
Luc Fieschi 1300, March 2 Genoa X


Cast votes here per Cardinal.

Papal cardinals cast their vote for Cardinal Giovanni Boccamazza.

The Neapolitan Cardinals cast their vote for Landolfo Brancaccio.

To avoid conflict with Holy See, the Genoese cardinal vote for Giovanni Boccamazza.

Habemus papam! Giovanni Boccamazza is elected pope and takes the papal name Callixtus III.

1306 Papal Conclave

Name Appointed Nation Votes
Teodorico Ranieri 1298 Papal States
Leonardo Patrasso 1300 Papal States
Pedro Rodríguez 1302 Castille
Giovanni Minio da Morrovalle 1302 Papal States
Niccolò Alberti 1303 Florence
Gentile Partino 1300 Papal States
Napoleone Orsini Frangipani 1288 Papal States
Landolfo Brancaccio 1294 Naples
Guglielmo de Longhi 1294 Albania
Francesco Caetani 1295 Papal States
Luc Fieschi 1300 Genoa
Jean Lemoine 1294 France
Giacomo Gaetani Stefaneschi 1295 Papal States
Riccardo Petroni 1298 Siena
Jan Muskata of Krakow 1305 Bohemia
John of Patras 1305 Achaea


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