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Electorate of Cologne (English)
Erzstift und Kurfürstentum Köln
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Electorate of Cologne
. 953 - Present
Black St George's Cross.svg Wappen Erzbistum Köln.png
Coat of arms
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Elective principality
 -  Elector of Cologne Salentin IX

The Electorate of Cologne (German: Kurfürstentum Köln or Kurköln) is an ecclesiastical principality of the Holy Roman Empire which has existed from the 10th to the present. It consisted of the temporal possessions of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne (German: Erzbistum Köln), and is ruled by the Archbishop in his capacity as prince-elector. Cologne is one of only three ecclesiastical prince-electors in the Empire, the other two being the Electorate of Mainz and the Electorate of Trier, among which Mainz ranked first.

The capital of the electorate was Cologne until the Elector moved to Bonn after 1288 to avoid jurisdiction conflicts with the authorities of the Free City of Cologne, who largely escaped his authority.

Archbishop-Electors of Cologne

  • Friedrich III von Saarwerden (1348 - 1414)
  • Dietrich II von Moers (1385 - 1463)
  • Rudolph of Koln (1428 - 1508)
  • Phillip II of Wied (1482 - 1522)
  • Hermann of Schauenburg (1500 – 1554)
  • Salentin IX (1521 – Present)
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