Alternative History
Republic of Colombia
República de Colombia
Timeline: Greater Colombia
Flag of Colombia
Flag of Colombia
Patria, Libertad y Orden
Capital Santa Marta (3,000,000)
Largest city Bogotá (4,000,000)
Other cities Medellín, Caracas, Maracaibo, Guayaquil
Language Spanish
President Santiago Uribe
Vice-President Libardo Correa
Area 2,500,000 km²
Population 114,000,000 Colombians
Independence from Spain
  declared 1811
  recognized 1824
Currency Colombian Peso

Colombia includes, more or less, OTL Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.


Created in 1821, the Republic of Colombia included the territories of the Viceroyalty of New Granada, particularly the Presidencies of New Granada and Quito and the General Captainship of Venezuela.

Since 1828, Colombia has been a participant of the Big Caribbean Game, and was one of the signatories of the Caribbean Pact in 1954.

As result of this, the Caribbean possessions of Spain had applied to be part of the Republic of Colombia.

Colombia fought in the Great War of 1862, and in the Great War of 1935, being part of the victorious side.


Continental Colombia is located in the northern part of South America. Colombia also possess several islands in the Caribbean, and has possessions in Central America.

Colombia has seven main natural regions: The Pacific plains, the Andes, the Plains (Llanos), the Caribbean plains, the Amazon Rain Forest, the Insular Region, and the Isthmus.


North: Caribbean Sea and Costa Rica. West: Pacific Ocean. South: Peru and Ecuador. East: Ecuador and Suriname.

There is also a land limit with Haiti, and the Mosquitos State has limits with Central American United States.

Political Divisions

Colombia is divided in 23 States, and one Capital District.

State Capital
Santa Marta, Capital District
1. Antioquia Medellín
2. Apure
3. Bolívar Angostura
4. Boyacá Duitama
5. Cartagena Cartagena
6. Cauca Popayán
7. Chiriquí
8. Cuba Havana
9. Cuenca Cuenca
10. Cumaná
11. Cundinamarca Bogotá
12. Darién
13. Guayana Ciudad Jorge
14. Guayaquil Guayaquil
15. Magdalena Valledupar
16. Mosquitos Bluefields
17. Puerto Rico San Juan
18. Quito Quito
19. Santo Domingo Santo Domingo
20. Tolima Anserma
21. Trinidad Puerto España
22. Venezuela Caracas
23. Zulia Maracaibo