Federal Republic of Colombia
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Colombia,Ecuador,Venezuela,Panama,Costarica,Salvador,Honduras,Nicaragua.
Flag of Colombia
Flag of Colombia

Libertad y orden, Libertad e Ordem (Spanish,Portuguese)
("Freedom and Order")

Capital Bogota
Largest city Bogota
Other cities Caracas, Cucuta, Medellin, Cartagena, Barquismeto, Guayaquil, Panama city, Tegucigalpa.
Spanish (de facto)
  others Spanish, Portuguese, English.
  others Tribal Rituals, other forms of Christianity, etc.
Ethnic Groups
  others Hispanics, Afro-Colombians, etc.
Demonym Colombian, Colombiano
Government Federal presidential republic (Triumvirate)
  legislature Colombian Legislature
Vice President vacant
Population 33,203,151 (1990 estimate) 
Independence from Spain
  declared July 20, 1810
Currency Colombian Dollar ($)
Organizations [[|]] (formerly)

Colombia is the northernmost country of the South American landmass, being the northern tip of the continent and the only nation in OTL, to have coast to both the Pacific and the Atlantic in South America.

In the Game, the country is one of the few only countries to be little to no effect, as fast moves from the Republic's government were able to successfully avoid the Zombies' expansion in the country. Its allies in the region are the United Republics, as its the only other country in South America to have survived, or been able to rebuild itself, during the Zombie Wars.

Colombia's leadership is a Republican triumvirate in order to ally the nations successful governation, and to deal with the provincial issues without major difficulty

First Triumvirate

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