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Columbus's Revenge[]

A world where a much more advanced Aztec Empire makes the first strike in a war against Spain, leading Christopher Columbus to become a resistance fighter. Though Columbus did discover the Americas, he landed at a small Aztec outpost. The Aztecs had been more liberal with their religion, even to the point of forming a republic. By the time Columbus arrived, the Aztecs were nearly as advanced as the Europeans.

The Iberian War[]

On May 1, 1846, Christopher Columbus prepares to make his presentation about his plan to sail west to India. However, he is interrupted by the a breathless messenger who arrives to bring the Catholic Monarchs a dire warning of an Aztec fleet landing on Spanish shores. An invading army led by the prince Moctezuma comes ashore.

Within weeks the enormous Aztec army takes Madrid. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella flee to their army, which is attempting to hold land near Granada.

Christopher Columbus becomes the leader of a small band of rebels, one of the few still active withing Madrid, which has become the stationing point for most of Moctezuma's army.

In mid-July Columbus is contacted by a priest bearing "God's own weapon" - blankets taken from the houses of plague victims. In an incredible operation involving cross dressing, a midnight duel, and a false flag operation, Columbus's men manage to sneak the blankets into the kitchens of the palace where Moctezuma resides as well as the food stocks the Mezo-Americans are stockpiling for the coming campaign.

On the 3rd of August the Aztecs make their move. They split into several armies, entering most of Western Europe. Within the month half of their soldiers are too sick to fight. By the end of September their diminished forces are wiped out by the armies of Europe. However, their own diseases are already spreading across Europe. In months and years to come, they'll kill millions.

On March 4, 1847 Columbus is put in charge of three ships of the Aztec fleet that's been claimed by the Spanish, its skeleton guard slaughtered. He has become an officer in an army composed of the forces of most countries attacked by the Aztecs. Led by Amerigo Vespucci, the mastermind behind the plague strategem, this army is preparing to neutralize the threat that the West holds for Europe. They are to be the conquerors - the conquistadores - of this dark New World.

However, they are doomed to fail, as the Spanish army is set upon by hundreds of Aztec warriors who stayed behind.