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The Commonwealth Armed Forces (CAF) was first established by order of ANZUS in 1989 to serve Australia, New Zealand, and the territories under the American Provisional Administration. The CAF have increased in size since the founding of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand, in order to meet the CANZ's global commitments as the heir to the United States of America.

There are 4 branches of the CAF. The Australian and New Zealand Army, the Australian and New Zealand Navy, the Australian and New Zealand Air Force and the Australian and New Zealand Coast Guard.

Commonwealth Army

The Army, also known as the ANZ Army, is the main land branch of the CAF.


Every brigade is divided into each of these regiments :

Commonwealth Infantry Regiment

Commonwealth Intelligence Corps

Commonwealth Logistics Regiment

Commonwealth Engineer's Regiment

Corps of Commonwealth Nurses

Divisions and Brigades

1st Division:-

1 Brigade

3 Brigade

7 Brigade

2nd Division:-

4 Brigade

5 Brigade

8 Brigade

9 Brigade

11 Brigade

13 Brigade

Weapons & Equipment

The F88 AuSteyr was scrapped as the standard service rifle, and the M16A1 took its place. M16 series rifles & M249's were mass-produced domestically by Thales Australia. MP5 was issued to the Australian Special Forces. M21 was the standard sniper rifle, produced by Metal Storm. The National Infantry Arms Department (NIAD) was set up to regulate the sales of these weapons and it also encourages companies like Metal Storm & Thales Australia in research in new weapons technologies.

Thales Australia developed the F90 AR1 in 1994, a much shorter & lighter version of the F89 AR-2, ANZC designation for the M16A2

The current CAF inventory includes:

S. No.  Name Type Brought in Service

Thales Australia

F90 AR-1

Assault rifle 1994

Thales Australia

F89 AR-4

Assault rifle 1988

Thales Australia

Remington 7600

Pump-action shotgun 1988

Metal Storm

Benelli 4




Thales Australia

FN-249 SAW

Light-machine gun 1988

Metal Storm


Semi-automatic sniper rifle 2008

Metal Storm



sniper rifle



Milkor MGL

Multiple-shot grenade launcher 1988


Uzi Carbine




Heckler & Koch Prussia/

Thales Australia


Submachine gun 1994

Metal Storm


Semi-automatic pistol 1991

Metal Storm


Survival knife 2002
14. Thales Australia M9 Bayonet 1988

The Armoured Regiments of the Army operate locally built Leopard One tanks (since upgraded with 120mm rifled cannon, as well as enhanced electronics), as well as M113 Armoured Personal Carriers (APC. Also in Service are Carl Gustav 84mm Recoiless Rifles and M198 Howitzers. TOW Anti-Tank Missiles are also used.

ANZ Navy

At sea, the ANZ Navy's (CN) locally built Adelaide-class frigates are the main combat type, backed up by Collins class submarines and Alaska class destroyers, as well as Australia class cruisers.

The flagship of the fleet is the Nimitz-class ANZS Commonwealth supercarrier (formerly the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)). Her and her battlegroup provide the fleet with its main striking power.

The ANZ Navy Fleet Air Arm (ANZNFAA or FAA, for short) uses the F-14 Tomcat as its main air defence aircraft and the A-6E Intruder as its main strike aircraft. The FAA also uses the E-2C Hawkeye, S-3 Viking, EA-6B Prowler, KA-6D tanker, C-2 Greyhound, and SH-3H Sea King.

A second Nimitz-class supercarrier, the ANZS Melbourne, was launched in April of 2010.

ANZ Air Force

In the air, the ANZ Air Force operates F/A-18 Boomerang Fighter jets, built by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) from reverse-engineered F/A-18s, as well as AEW E-2s, also built by CAC. CAC built C-130's also serve with the CAF. Pacific Aerospace Corporation CT/4 Airtrainer trainers are used for training purposes.

The "long reach" of the CAF remains the two squadrons of F-111C Aardvarks that entered service in 1973.

The CAF also use A-4 Skyhawks in the ground attack role.

Commonwealth Special Air Service Regiment

See main article: Commonwealth Special Air Service Regiment

The most potent unit of the Commonwealth Army is the Commonwealth Special Air Service Regiment (CSASR) which is made up of the combined Australian and New Zealand SAS units.

Commonwealth Coast Guard

The Commonwealth Coast Guard (CCG) provides Search And Rescue (SAR) , Enviromental Patrols and Maritime Law Enforcement for the Commonwealth.

Associated Militia

The Associated Nations of the CANZ all have there own militia units, Such as Free State Militia of Hawaii and the Alaskan Defence Force. These Forces are trained and Equipped by the CAF.

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