Alternative History
Commonwealth of Nations
Collective Security member states of the Commonwealth of Nations shown in dark blue; ordinary members in light blue
HeadquartersNortham, T.S. (de facto)
Working languages English
Type Military alliance and voluntary association
Member states
29 states
  • 12 collective security members
  • 17 ordinary members
 -  Secretary-General Kevin Rudd
 -  Chairman of the Collective Security Commission Admiral Kawano Katsutoshi, Republic of Japan Navy
 -  Supreme Allied Commander Indo-Pacific General Kathryn Toohey, Cygnian Army
 -  Balfour Declaration 19 November 1926 
 -  Dominion Act 11 December 1931 
 -  Collective Security Treaty 28 April 1949 
 -  Northam Declaration 28 April 1949 

The Commonwealth of Nations, sometimes referred to as the Pacific Commonwealth in reference to most of its members being located in the Pacific region, is a military alliance and political association of 29 states across 5 continents. Headquartered in Northam, T.S., the Commonwealth's origins date back to 1926 with the gradual decolonisation of the Cygnian Empire. It was originally established as the Cygnian Commonwealth through the Balfour Declaration at the 1926 Imperial Conference, and formalised by Cygnia through the Dominion Act in 1931. The current Commonwealth of Nations was formally constituted by the Northam Declaration in 1949, which modernised the community and established the member states as "free and equal." At the same time, with growing tensions as a result of the Cold War, several Commonwealth member states signed the Collective Security Treaty, which put in place a mutual defence pact between the signatories. Collective Security membership is considered a voluntary opt-in for all Commonwealth members, which carries with it additional obligations and rights within the Commonwealth. In the 1950s, several states joined the Commonwealth that were never part of the Cygnian Empire, including Alaska, Japan and Korea as collective security members, and England as an ordinary member. The Commonwealth is often paired together with the Euro-American ONAV as the Double Alliances.


Collective Security members

Ordinary members

Former members

  • Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia—membership suspended following its occupation of East Timor in 1975; withdrew unilaterally in 1976. Currently in the process of rejoining the Commonwealth.