Welcome to Communist Earth! In this world, the majority of Africa, Asia and Europe has gone red, leaving only the Americas as the last group of capitalist countries on Earth (with the exception of Chile and, of course, Cuba). This page is far from done, but this is the beginning of (hopefully) a full, fleshed-out Alt History. Please feel free to contribute to this Alt History in any way you see fit. So, without further ado, let us begin!

Point of Divergence

Vladimir Lenin, a communist revolutionary and Head of Government of the Soviet Union, recovers from his illnesses and continues leading the USSR.

In 1928 he forms the KGB and succeeds in removing Joseph Stalin (whom he later quoted as being "a threat to true communism") from his high level of power, exiling him to Georgia before ordering his execution in 1930.

In 1932 he appoints Leon Trotsky into the new position of General Secretary of the USSR and retires, finally succumbing to his illnesses in 1938. Leon Trotsky is forced to abandon his Menshevik ideas in order to better appeal to the Bolshevik majorities. Trotsky also focusses Russia's economy towards advancement in science and technology.

Manhattan project

The mushroom cloud caused by the Kurchatov device's detonation over Munich.

Trotsky never signs a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Germany and Russia remains neutral in the war (they do not invade Poland) until Operation Barbarossa in 1941. Trotsky's Red Army is technologically superior to the Nazi Wehrmacht and is extremely efficient in beating back the Germans to the point that by the time winter hit in November, the Germans had stopped advancing entirely.

The Winter War initiated in 1939 results in an easy Soviet victory and a complete annexation of Finland by 1942.

In early 1944 the Soviets conducted the world's first successful atomic bomb (named the "Kurchatov-device") test somewhere in Kasakhstan. The Soviets issued a final note to Germany saying "surrender immediately or suffer promt and utter annihilation under the fist of Mother Russia." After Germany refused, on 6th August 1944 the USSR dropped a Kurchatov-device on Munich. After the Nazis still refused to surrender, Russian troops crossed into Germany.

Later that year the Red Army had reached the gates of Berlin after "liberating" everything East of Germany from the Nazis. Allied troops met with the Red Army just beyond the German border with France, signifying the end of the war.

The war finally ends in Asia in late-1946, following the American land invasion of Japan and the Soviet occupation of Hokkaido.

Adolf Hitler was captured by the Red Army on 3rd January 1945 attempting to board a boat to Sweden. He was transported South to Prague, where he was publicly shot alongside several other high-ranking Nazi officials.

His body was dressed in blue-and-white-striped pajamas with a Star of David band placed around his left arm and was transported to Moscow, where he was hung by his ankles on a wooden podium erected in the centre Red Square. Rocks were pelted at him before he was strung down and buried in an unmarked grave in an undisclosed location in Siberia, where it is believed he still remains.

Russian moon landing

Aleksey Leonov stares at a Soviet flag (modified to appear upright and waving when photos are taken) during the N1-11 lunar mission.

The Soviets used their possession of Kurchatov devices as leverage in peace negotiations. Germany as a whole becomes a Soviet satellite state, Poland is annexed along with Soviet occupied Northern Iran and everything East of Germany (OTL Soviet satellite states plus Yugoslavia, Greece, Austria and Turkey) either becomes a satellite state or a member of the yet-to-form Warsaw pact.

Throughout the 1950's and 1960's the USSR and USA begin the Cold War, with the America detonating their first nuclear weapon in 1951. As time went by the Russians' technological superiority began to show - on 20th July 1972, Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov became the first man to walk on the moon, uttering the famous words "with peace, man has conquered the stars themselves."

This landing infuriated the USA, who until now only had a series of small, disorganised space projects headed by competing scientists. America responded to the landing by forming the Apollo space program, with their new objective being to land on Mars. Unfortunately, the Arab Red Spring and the British-Communist takeover during 1980's left America with very little overseas trade and, more importantly, a lack of oil. As the Pacific States of America declares independence and the government declares martial law, NASA is forced to scrap the Apollo space program.

Meanwhile numerous states across Africa are forced to resort to Communism as their main foreign-aid providers in Western Europe are themselves being engulfed by the Communist blanket. Eventually the Communist takeover in Vietnam spills over into Indochina, Pakistan and India.

Similarly in Australia and New Zealand socialist governments are voted in after increasing public interest in the fantastic successes seen behind the ever-expanding Iron Curtain.

By the turn of the 21st century, the world is a very different place. North and South America are the last proper bastions of democratic, capitalist society, with all of Eurasia, Africa and most of Oceania having succumbed to a form of Communism or socialism (the exceptions being Japan and Ireland, both a sort of reverse-Cuba and a thorn in the side of China and Great Britain). The Internet is state-controlled and Hollywood movies never make it outside of the Americas. Propaganda is commonplace across the Old World and "the West" is shifted to mean just the Americas. Want to know more about the world ATL you would live in? Read on!

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