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Welcome to Communist Earth! In this world, the majority of Africa, Asia and Europe are dominated by communist or socialist governments, leaving only the USA and a few of her allies as the last bastion of capitalism left on a changed Earth. Please feel free to contribute to this article - I won't mind!

A Very Different History

Vladimir Lenin - who led the Red Army to victory in the Russian Civil War - recovers from his illnesses and continues to lead the USSR.

In 1928 he forms the KGB and succeeds in removing Joseph Stalin (whom he later quoted as being "a threat to true communism") from his high level of power, exiling him to Georgia before ordering his execution in 1930.

In 1932 he appoints Leon Trotsky into the new position of General Secretary of the USSR and retires, finally succumbing to his illnesses in 1938. Leon Trotsky quickly abandons his Menshevik ideas when faced with the prospect of immense amounts of power, and begins to form a totalitarian dictatorship revolving around himself.

Manhattan project

The mushroom cloud caused by the Kurchatov device's detonation over Munich.

When Hitler forms his own dictatorship in Germany, Trotsky views it with immediate suspicion. So, when Hitler invades Czechoslovakia in 1939 - beginning the Second World War - Russia remains neutral. However, in 1941 the German Navy accidentally sink a Russian ship (believing it to be a British one), leading Russia to declare war on Germany. Trotsky's Red Army is technologically superior to the Nazi Wehrmacht and is extremely efficient in beating back the Germans - by 1943 the Russians had reached the border of Germany-proper.

The Winter War initiated in 1939 results in an easy Soviet victory and a complete annexation of Finland by 1942.

In early 1944 the Soviets conduct the world's first successful atomic bomb (named the "Kurchatov-device") test somewhere in Kazakhstan. The Soviets issue a final note to Germany saying "surrender immediately or suffer prompt and utter annihilation under the fist of Mother Russia." After Germany refuses, on 6th August 1944 the USSR drops a Kurchatov-device on Munich. After the Nazis still refused to surrender, Russian troops crossed into Germany.

By the end of the year the Red Army had reached the gates of Berlin, having "liberated" everything east of Germany from the Nazi war machine. Allied troops meet with the Red Army just north of the River Somme. The war finally ends in Asia in late-1946, following the American land invasion of Japan and the Soviet occupation of Hokkaido.

Adolf Hitler is captured by militant German Communists (armed by the Soviets in 1943 in order to break down order in Germany ahead of their invasion) on 3rd January 1945 in Konstanz, Occupied Germany, attempting to cross into neutral Switzerland. He was taken to the town-square and shot, along with several high-ranking German officials who were with him at the time. His wife, Eva Braun (whom he had married a week prior to his capture), had successfully escaped to Argentina via Switzerland the day before, where she is believed to have resided for the rest of her life.
Russian moon landing

Aleksey Leonov stares at a Soviet flag (modified to appear upright and waving when photos are taken) during the N1-11 lunar mission.

The Soviets use their possession of Kurchatov devices as leverage in peace negotiations. Germany becomes a Soviet satellite state along with Poland (although the eastern half of Poland was annexed, along with Soviet occupied Northern Iran and everything East of Germany). Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and east Austria become Soviets satellite states.

After the war is over, tensions began to rise between the world's two main superpowers, the USA and the USSR. Eventually, this escalates into a "Cold War", characterised by proxy conflicts being fought on behalf of the USA and USSR in Africa and the Middle East, the excessive production and testing of increasingly powerful nuclear weapons by both sides, and competitive technological advancement.

The Korean War is won in 1952 by the North after the Soviet Union and China join the war against South Korea, supported by the USA. Similarly, the Vietnam War is won by the Viet Kong/PRG and triggers a "domino effect" in the region - by the late sixties, communism had spread to every country in Indochina and the Indian subcontinent, often through insurgencies, coups, or rigged elections.

In the 1980's the Arab Red Spring begins in Tunisia, and spreads throughout the Middle East as a popular movement against the often corrupt dictatorships in the region. The new - often pro-Soviet - republics that emerge out of this wide-scale revolution begin to turn against the governments of North America and western Europe. A huge oil embargo begins against the USA, Canada, Britain and the countries of western Europe, causing an eventual communist takeover in Britain, the election of socialist governments in western Europe and the temporary destabilisation of the USA and Canada.

As time went by the Russians' technological superiority began to show - on 20th July 1972, Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov became the first man to walk on the moon, uttering the famous words "with peace, man has conquered the stars themselves."

This landing infuriated the USA, who until now only had a series of small, disorganised space projects headed by competing scientists. America responded to the landing by forming the Artemis space program, their objective being to land on Mars. Unfortunately, the Arabian oil embargoes decimate the US economy. As the Pacific States of America declares independence and the government declares martial law, NASA is forced to scrap the Artemis space program.

This sets the stage for American corporations to succeed where America had failed - in 1993, Boeing lands American astronauts Mark Armstrong and Janice Aldrin on the moon, and during the early 2000's corporations sent Americans to Mars for the first time.

Following the Red Spring Communist governments come to power in numerous states across Africa.

By the turn of the 21st century, the world is a very different place. North and South America are the last proper bastions of democratic, capitalist society, with all of Eurasia, Africa and most of Oceania having succumbed to a form of Communism or socialism (the exceptions being Japan and Ireland, so-called thorns in the side of China and Great Britain). The Internet is state-controlled and Hollywood movies never make it outside of the Americas. Propaganda is commonplace across the Old World and "the West" primarily refers to the USA and Canada - is this really a world worth living in?

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