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Communist Party of the Confederacy
Chairperson Mariela Castro
Secretary-General Jim Clyburn
Slogan Workers of the Dixieland, Unite!
Founded October 10th, 1919
Merger of Current Incarnation
  • Communist Party of the Confederacy (1919-1999)
  • Free Cuba Party
Headquarters Richmond, Virginia
Newspaper Worker's Tribune
Student wing High School Socialists of the Confederate States
Youth wing Communist Youth of the Confederate States
Membership 10,000+
Ideology Communism
Stalinism (Historical)
Prohibitionism (Historical)
Anti LGBT+ (until 2001)
LGBT+ rights (since 2001)
Political position Far-left
National affiliation CASS Popular Front (During the Confederation of American Socialist States
International affiliation Comintern
Official colors      Red
14 / 160
Party flag
CASS Flag.jpg
Politics of Confederate States
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The Communist Party of the Confederacy (Spanish: El Partido Comunista de la Confederación) is a far-left party in the Confederate States.