Kommunistische Republik von Deutschland (KRD)
Communist Republic of Germany

1921–1973 30px
Flag State Emblem
Die Trommeln schlagen werden! Die Arbeiterklasse ist auf dem Vormarsch!
(Translit.: The drums are beating! The working class is marching!)
"The Republic"
"The Worker's Fanfare"
The Soviet Union after World War II
Capital Moscow
Official language Germany
Religion Atheism
Government Marxist–Leninist single-party socialist state
General Parliamentary Leader
 - 1921–1952 Ernst Thälmann (first)
 - 1967-1973 Jan Appel (last)
Historical era Interwar period / Cold War
 - Memorandum of Spartacus 10 July 1921
 - Party dissolved 12 October 1973
 - 1971 448,939.27 km2 (Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ",". sq mi)
 - 1971 est. 77,101,910 
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Currency Deutschemark (Rpf.)
Calling code +8
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