In this timeline, the Soviet Union won the Cold War, and The US is no longer united, with many states being free republics, or a couple different ideologies different from the Father-nation they broke away from. This Scenario looks into what if the Soviets Won the Cold War. Quick shout out to the "Red World" mod for HOI4!! Their timeline Helped influence and give me a Turning point in the Cold War where the Soviets saw victory!


The History stays rather the same, up until the Cold War. After World War 2, the Korean Peninsula was split between the soviets in the north, and the Americans in the south, with both governments claiming to be The legitimate government of the Korean Peninsula, this led to extreme hostilities with each other, and eventually lead to the conflict known as the "Korean War", where the North Korean reds crossed the border into South Korea, and, sense the Americans took away the South Korean Army's weapons and Tanks so that they wouldn't invade the North, the Northerners quickly pushed back the South Koreans to their last province in the southeast. The UN recognized North Korea's aggression and invasion in the south, and agreed to dispatch a "Peacekeeping force" to aid the south, with the American's Majorly supporting the South, and dispatching their own expeditionary forces to the south. The combined forces of the US and the UN push the North already back to the North Korea-China Border, China, not wanting US troops on their border, Quickly entered the war on the north's side, and pushed the Coalition forces to the 38th parallel, with the Soviets sending aid and Volunteers to the North and China. For two years the Front would be at a Stalemate until the Chinese and North Korean Forces Finally broke through the Coalition Lines, and pushed the South Koreans back to Bosan City. The UN ordered an armistice to be signed, the US reluctantly agreed.

In 1953, an Armistice was signed with the North, which saw the North annexing the Republic of Korea (South Korea). This weakened the US Economy and Lowered War support Rate.

1955, the Vietnam war began, when the communist north invaded the south (deja vu), but this time, the US is much more weaker and tired from the previous Korean conflict,and public support for it is Anti-Intervention, but never the less, the US sends a starting 10,000 troops to South Vietnam's aid. Immediately the consequences of this became obvious, as thousands of people around the country spilled into the streets and protested this, not wanting the government to contribute so many soldiers to a war they could lose badly. The US armed forces were weakened by the huge defeat in Korea, and were not ready for a huge commitment to another war, and the US government, angered at the loss in Korea, commit more resources and soldiers to south Vietnam then in our OTL timeline. The War in Vietnam would slowly over time become more questioned and the people could tell, this was going to be another loss, and they were right.Richard Nixon ordered the retreat from Vietnam on Jan. 23, 1973, saying it was "a lost cause", this event triggered the next events to come.... the Prelude to Downfall.

The US economy is in shambles, and workers' strikes are common. Independence movements are widespread in many different states, such as Texas, California, Vermont, Virginia, and New England Unionists, and are causing mass strife and civil unrest across the nation. In the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev is overthrown in a Coup'd'tat, and the inedible fall of the Soviet Union in our timeline, never happens, cause in our timeline, in 1991, that military coup failed, as the support for Russian independence as high, and the people stopped the coup, but in this timeline, support for independence is not as high, and people are very patriotic of the Soviet Union, and so, the coup is not prevented. In 1983, independence movements and many political parties go on the move. Radical Militias riot and patrol the streets, and protestors occupy countless government buildings. Finally, Ron Paul, the Anti-Interventionist president, signs the Final Resolution Act of 1983, which basically terminates the President's power and the position entirely, dismisses his cabinet, dismantles the Vice President position, and officially abolishes the US government, as a whole. This event is broadcast world wide, and is a big shock to everyone in the world. The NATO alliance collapsed two years earlier, and due to this, the West and East German governments begin negotiating a formal, and peaceful, reunification, and in 1989, the Berlin crumbles down, and the two governments merge into one, and only, Germany. Communist coups and peaceful revolutionary transitions occurs across Europe, such as in France, where high school students and everyday people protest in front of the Eiffel tower, wanting a peaceful transition to communism, which the French government reluctantly accepts. In Italy, an Italian communist coup occurs and installs the communist party of Italy to power, Switzerland just quickly shifts their economy to a socialist model, and many other events happen, which led to a communist dominated Europe, excluding Spain, the UK, Malta, Cyprus. After the collapse of the US, Mexican forces mobilized and overran the state of New Mexico within a weak, with much surprise from the international community and the Mexican people themselves. The Mexican military didn't face that much resistance in New Mexico, which made it easier to administer and incorporate. Only weeks after the official abolition of the US government and transfer of power to the governors, controversy over the former US capital, Washington, DC broke out, as the act never mentioned anything about the status of the Federal District, immediately, the new nations of Virginia and Maryland started to fight over the city in border skirmishes, but never sent any real form of military into the city, this left many former American military leaders and former American politicians that worked for the former US government thinking of the possibilities of keeping the Union alive, cause if they controlled the capital, then they could possibly have some sort of legitimacy as the US government and declare the Act that ended the US to be declared "null and void" if they remade congress. So, five battalions of soldiers, with some naval cruisers and jets, along with some former US marine Sergeants, landed on the shores that Maryland and Virginia controlled, which is what is blocking them from DC. They quickly seized islands and peninsulas, and quickly rushed towards the unclaimed city. The battalions reached the outskirts of DC within the week, and immediately started making their authority in the city known, and overthrew the ruling mayor of DC, which took emergency power over the federal district after the collapse. A lot of the former US congress people, senators, the Vice President himself, and some of the executive and judicial staff were still in the city, and tried to reform order and unity to the city and declare a new US government, but were not succeeding. The Army men, with the support from a coalition of former Democrat and Republican politicians, took over the city, and some of the Coast they seized when trying to reach the city, and organized a coalition government with a new President, and declared themselves the Official Government of the United States. The new government was laughed at, and every new government in the former United States ignored every order from the government in DC, and declared it "a laughing stock of politics". Due to this, the government took on a new name for the new city state, the Legion of Washington DC, and used the former US flag with all 50 states, and the former US presidential seal, and still declared itself the legitimate government of all the United States, and asked for the world to recognize it, which few governments actually did.

Modern Day

It's 2017.... the US has lost the Cold War... communism has spread to the American homeland... the US has collapsed.. Britain stands alone, the Communist Party of Great Britain is very popular within The British State, and is threatening to the Centuries year old British crown, who has ruled Britain to this day, while other right wing populist movements also compete for power with The CPGB. Africa has fallen to Communism, specifically radical socialism, while Black Supremacy is also widespread. The Warsaw Pact is still alive and thriving, ruling over Europe with an iron fist. South America is now the Africa of the New world, as the right wing dictators the former US supported and got into power now are just clinging to power, with no support from the outside world. Cuba is a Strong economic power in the Americas. Asia is dominated by China, while Right Wing Radicalism and Fundamentalism have taken hold of the Japanese Archipelago. The Middle East is more stable with new Soviet backed dictators, such as in Syria and Iraq and even turkey, where Kurdish rebels bled into existence, while Saudi Arabia is in a Civil War. This is a very different world from our own, in this scenario you will see the political climate in the world now that the US presence is gone, freedom and capitalism are not widespread, as the US was destroyed and the world saw capitalism as a failure, plus they had to cope with the now dominate Soviet stock markets. Zaire is still in existence, with Mobutu dying in 2010 (he never fell to illness), and himself not being overthrown by the Rwandans and in fact annexed them when they invaded. Mobutu'a son succeeded him after his death, upon his personal request. This extended reign of Mobutu sadly, and unfortunately led to the deaths of many more Africans, that were deemed "unwantable" by Mobutu and his administration, and were ethnically "Cleansed", along with many other political opponents or protestors, along with outsiders who were not loyal to the Zaire Regime or the Mobutist Ideology. His son loosened up the restraints set in place by his father, along with ending the genocide, and letting the remainder live. The EUSSR (European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) is busy trying to "unite" Europe, and prevent another deadly war from happening across the continent. Yugoslavia collapsed in 1991.

THE SOVIET UNION 300px-Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svg.png

The Soviets are only world super power, and works to spread communism. After their victory alongside the Allies during the Great Patriotic War, the Cold War kicked off with the Berlin Airlift, with was a US air lift of supplies to help the starving people of West Berlin who the Soviets were blockading and not letting basic food supplies and stuff from getting through. Nothing could get in or out, and two American tank divisions were trapped in there alongside a couple million Berliners. The US Air Force soon solved this issue by doing an airlift over to West Berlin, as the Soviet couldn't shoot down these planes as that would be an act of war, so the Soviets found themselves having to let the airlift succeed, and soon they allowed supply convoys to finally go through to Berlin. But soon the Soviets saw more success later in the Cold War... the US collapsed after its hardline commitment to proxy wars they couldn't win, and the USSR became the only dominate super power in the world, with influenced all around the globe. Communism of all branches was now the dominate economic model, and everyone had to follow it, or face harsh economic and political consequences. The Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact is dominate in Europe, except for Spain and a few others, who face backlash from other European countries for refusing the Communist Economic model, but don't quite embargo them. The Soviet Union is a stable country, and a strong economic power and political power.

GREAT BRITAIN 255px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png

Britain, or the United Kingdom (UK), is one of the last remaining Free Capitalistic Countries In Europe, it has lost a lot of its influence over the years, it lost India to a revolution, it got to keep a hold on Sri Lanka though (for now), and still has a lot of overseas Territories! The British Population usually gets depressed thinking about the reality of life, how the Cold War, and how Isolated Britain is, and thinking of the glory days of the British empire, it's not something you talk about with the Citizens of Britannia. The third largest and most popular party on the Little Island is The Communist Party of Great Britain, they would rather join in with the Internationale Community, and gain the luxuries of the EUSSR and Become communist then stay with Capitalist. The UK is in a good relationship with the USSR and the EUSSR, and does enjoy good economic wealth and prosperity.

GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC 255px-Flag_of_German_Democratic_Republic.svg.png

The German Democratic Republic, or GDR for short, is a socialist German state in Central Europe, and is one of the wealthiest in the EUSSR and wealthiest. The GDR used to be known as "East Germany", as it used to be in the east before the eventual reunification of Germany under the Communist Government. After the eventual collapse of NATO as an alliance, German reunification kicked off, as many people were tired of being separate and for the west clinging on to them, and were also very frightened by the possible invasion or start of World War 3, so they wanted a peaceful solution. The two governments were up to this, and peace talks commenced. The two governments agreed on reunification with some exceptions, such as allowing Germans more political freedom and social freedom, along with some economic revisions, etc. Soon the German Capitalist Government declared itself an Authoritarian Socialist One Party State, and the Berlin Wall came crumbling down, in the most spectacular event in all of history.

UNION OF ITALY 255px-State_Ensign_of_Italy.svg.png

The Union of Italy, or just Italy (sometimes referred to as "Italia") is the aftermath of a Communist Coup,which installed a new Communist Government, currently in a Coalition Government. The Italian communist government actually allows more freedoms then most Countries in the communist Bloc, along with Yugoslavia, Italians get The freedom of religion and Freedom of Assembly, no restrictions. Yes speaking out against the government is Restricted, but criticizing a Certain Italian leader, even if it's a Party Member, is allowed, as long as it isn't directly against communism, especially when the majority of the government dislikes that certain person or persons, then its allowed. The Soviet Union is Tolerant of this, as it doesn't go against their beliefs too much. Still, the people Italia are Nationalistic people, it has a much more resistant government then That of Germany's as past attempts of trying to control the Trade of oil to Italy, or the Blocking of certain Major Government members have been failures. The Soviet Union wants to make sure the Communist Bloc is Stable, so they try to make sure nothing major like Italy going rogue and then they have to have a big invasion or Political Debate with the Italian government over it, making a Hot mess in the political Scheme, and possibly making a bad example of the Peoples in the Communist Bloc and governments, so the Soviet Union is more tolerant, while keeping a good eye of the government.

FRENCH COMMUNE 720px-Flag_of_Acadia.svg.png

The French Commune was born out of a popular coup fine by the French military in 1985, which saw French 'capitalism' (as it wasn't really a free market, thanks to how Charles de gaule ran the economy like an army) be replaced with French Communism. It is one of the best economies in the communist bloc and in he world, and has good ties with the UK. The French commune is freer then other communist bloc states, but still isn't really that free.

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