Welcome to Communist World.The main POD is Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels-led Communist revolution in 1850s, but it only lasted for three years. But with the start of a Communist movement 70 years earlier then OTL the world will never be the same.

Point of Divergence

These are the POD in this ATL:

Main POD:

  • With the support of labor unions in Manhattan. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels established a Communist commune in 1850. Although it collapse a year later, it will give way in more Communist inspire revolutions. 

Secondary PODs:

  • The failed Coup of June 1907 leads to massive protest and Tsar Nicholas ll was forced to abdicate and the old regime was replaced by a provisional government until the Communist revolution
  • After the Great Patriotic War, US OSS agents assassinated Mao Zedong while visiting Beijing in 1952. In the power vacuum, Marshal Lin Biao comes to power and leads Communist China to a brighter future.
  • The Bricker Compromise, a joint resolution that included two constitutional amendments that:
  1. limit the federal government's treaty-making power and for a
  2. national referendum on any declaration of war by Congress, except in cases when the United States had been attacked first. 

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate pass it in 1952 and Joseph McCarthy is elected on a platform that supported non-interventionism.

Note: All secondary POD are caused by butterfly effect from the main POD, but affect different scenarios of World History.

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