A majority of employment in Susquehanna is agriculture with over 10,000 employed in that area and field. Other companies fill in the rest as does education and the government.

Bloomsburg Silk Mills

Bloomsburg Silk Mills, along with the Hazleton Textile Mills, supply most of the cloth to the Commonwealth. The companies use old looms and weaving machines taken out of storage. The business employs 237 people full time. Although the company name has silk in it, they also manufacture cloth and spin wool.

Catawissa Bottling Company

The Catawissa Bottling Company is a small employer with approximately 63 employees. They manufacture soda for the nation, and a small amount for export. The types of soda they make are Moxie, sparkling water, soda water, apple soda, grape soda, cherry soda, and strawberry soda.

Commonwealth of Susquehanna

The government and military is one of the largest employers in the nation, operating everything from law enforcement, to public services, to infrastructure repair. They are the largest employer with 4,934 people working for them. The government provides an essential economic boost, through public works and other economic works.

This does not include the military.

Danville Steelworks

The heart of Susquehanna's manufacturing lies at the Danville Steelworks. Contrary to the name, both steel and iron are smelted at the facility, with steel being the more prominent of the pair. It employs 536 people and is an important part of the economy for the nation as well as Danville. Approximately 2 ton of steel, and 1 ton of iron are produced yearly.

Geisinger Health System

Geisinger is the second largest employer in Susquehanna with 2,342 workers in various areas. The hospital system provides all the medical care for the nation, and employ thousands of people in various areas from managing the books and care to doctors and nurses.

Hazleton Textile Mills

The Hazleton Textile Mills are Susquehanna's largest produce of cloth goods. The industry spins cotton and wool into a blend as well as selling them individually. The company is a fairly large employer with 500 employees.

Krum's Orchard

Krum's Orchard is an important company for the nation, supplying large amounts of fruit to the communities. They employ 164 people yearly, and upward of 200 seasonally, during planting and harvesting in the spring and fall.

Mariano Construction Incorporated

Mariano is the only construction company in Susquehanna, and is the primary contractor for the government. They operate one crane, several flatbed trucks, two dump trucks, one bulldozer, three front end loaders, and four excavators. Since they reopened in 2004, they have gone from 100 full time employees to 246 full time employees. To keep costs down, the company only keeps a handful of construction workers on staff, instead hiring people as temporary laborers. Hiring rates can be between ten and 300 temporary workers.

Montour Concrete Manufacturers

With limestone being mined in Montour County, sand and gravel being imported, and iron byproduct from the steel mills, it is easier to obtain the materials to manufacture concrete. The facility is located between Danville and Washingtonville. Much of the equipment was salvaged or purchased, although the four kilns are domestically made.

Almost all of the concrete produced remains in the nation, to be used in building projects, and infrastructure revitalization and improvement. The company employs 129 people in Montour County.

Mrs. T's Perogie's

Mrs. T's is a perogie manufacturer in Shenandoah, Schuylkill County. It was founded in 1952 by Ted Twarzak

Red Deer Farm

The Red Deer Farm supplies most, if not all of commercially sold venison to the nation. Not only do the owners care for the deer, they also own packing machines for steaks, burger, sausage, and other meat products, as well as a single unit for making jerky. To preserve the meat, before it is shipped out, it is packed in salt to ensure it does not spoil.

All of their electricity is either produced by generators, or purchased from another nation. Unfortunately this leads to higher meat prices, so although most families can afford it, it isn't purchased as much as before Doomsday.

The farm provides 94 people with jobs in the area, as well as an additional 37 jobs seasonally.

Susquehanna Bank and Finance

Susquehanna Bank and Finance is the largest finance and banking institution in Susquehanna. They employ 956 people and operate nine branches, plus the headquarters in Hazleton. The company provides saving accounts as well as credit and loans. To prevent fraud or overcharging, the government sets guidelines that they must follow, or risk government takeover.

Weis Markets

Weis Markets is the only supermarket chain in Susquehanna. Prior to Doomsday the company was based out of Sunbury PA, until they reopened in 2013 under new management. The corporation has its headquarters in Bloomsburg, PA, and is one of the larger employers in Susquehanna. They employ over 1,000 people throuhhout the nation. The company has deals with Krum's Orchard, the Red Deer Farm, Wise Foods Inc, and the Catawissa Bottling Company for beverages.

The company makes approximately 1 million dollars in sales each year, and profits approach half a million dollars.

Wise Foods Incorporated

Wise Foods is the sole manufacturer of snack foods in Susquehanna. The company has its headquarters as well as facilities in Berwick, Columbia County. They employ 490 people year round, and up to 100 seasonally. The company makes corn chips, potato chips (regular, ripples, salt and vinegar, salt and pepper), wheat crackers, and popcorn (plain, salted).

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