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Canada (Confederate Provinces of Canada)

Confederate Provinces of Canada
Provinces confédérées de Canada
Official language(s) English, French
Capital Calgary
Largest City Toronto
Prime Minister Jeffrey Goldberg
Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Area sq km 13,824,794 sq km
Population 62,659,952


From the United Kingdom
July 5, 1867
December 12, 1871
Currency Confederate Dollar

Canada is bigger here than in OTL. Canada in this timeline came to own Alaska and Greenland along with the ten provinces and three territories that it is made up of in this timeline.

The POD here is that the UK decided not to let Canada become a Dominion. John A. McDonald then took the four existing parties and turned them into one "The National Party of Canada"

The war that was started with Canada declaring itself free was to be called "The Canadian War of Freedom"


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