Alternative History

The Uprising.

In 1863 with the civil war raging on in the US, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma decided to declared independence from the Confederacy. The Confederacy not wanting to lose to the Union accepted. The newly formed Senate and Congress decided to make Dallas the capital, the people elected Isaac Murphy [1802 to 1890] Unionist as president for life.

Isaac Murphy sent Lincoln a demand for Louisiana, Lincoln not wanting to fight a two-front war accepted their demand, Isaac became a somewhat of a Savior to the republic, he was against slavery and gave black people citizenship but the republic was the most racist place on the planet.

The death of Isaac left country without a president because the post of vice president didn't exist, so Benjamin Flanders [1816 to 1897] was elected president. With Spain weak from the First Republic, Flanders declared war on them, they landed in Galicia which made Portugal declared war on Spain, Spain knowing it will fail surrendered, In the Treaty, Portugal and the Confederate States declared an alliance, Portugal annexes Galicia and Western Sahara and the Confederate States got Cuba.

After Flanders death there was a clear successor Charles N. Haskell[1860 to 1933]. He implemented a series of Educational and Social reforms. Charles declared war on Mexico, the war was brutal but in the end Confederation barely won and annexes Chihuahua and some coast line. In WW1 they sided with France and in the Treaty of Versailles they got Namibia but nothing else and that angered the Republic. Charles' last act was to shield the Republic from the Great Depression.

After Charles the people elected the world's first female president Miriam A. Ferguson (1875 to 1961) as president. She implemented free school system and Social reforms. In World War 2 the joined the Allies because Mexico declared war on them, in the Treaty the Confederacy annexes upper Mexico. In her final years she yelled at the public to end segregation and it worked.

It was hard to follow Miriam but Desiderion Alberto Arnaz (1894-1973) became the fifth and first Latino president. He participated in the Vietnam war but Ho Chih Minh still won. He insured pensions and reduced poverty considerably. He reestablished relations the US and and the Soviets and is thought to be one of the greatest diplomat of history.

After Desiderion Bob C. Riley (1924-1994) became president. He reaffirmed Miriam's and Desiderion's policies and helped overthrow the Brazilian military government. He created the Dallas Natural Protection Program (DNPP) which ended the use of gas and diesel cars, trains, ships and airplanes. He became the first Confederacy president to receive a Nobel Prize.

Riley's death was sad for the nation, his successor Bill Clinton (1946-2002). He was assainated by David Broadrick, Juanita's husband.

The nation was shocked by the assaination and the scandal so Rick Perry(1950) was elected. He has done major reforms mostly by improving third world countries and in 2006 he got the Nobel Peace Prize. He Incumbent President of the Union.