The Confederate States of America was a political entity which existed from 1861 to 1865. It began after several states seceded from the United States of America over several issues, including slavery and states rights, the two nations went to war (known by most as the Civil War, and by those in the southern US as the War Between the States). The US victory resulted in the dissolution of the CSA.

Post-Doomsday, several entities claimed to be the legitimate successor of the CSA. Among them are:

  • New Montgomery, a rogue city-state located in southwestern Alabama, founded in the 1980s
  • Toccoa, a racist survivor town located in northeastern Georgia
  • Rogue groups of survivalists located along the Florida-Georgia and Florida-Alabama borders, in the Appalachian Mountains, in southern Virginia, in central Kentucky, southern Indiana and southern Illinois, eastern Arkansas, central Texas, and the Oklahoma panhandle. These groups are nations in name only and pose only a real threat to individuals who may come across their paths (the Dixie Alliance has declared that it will search out and eliminate any such groups in its region. They have had much success in this regard).
  • And, an attempt to form a non-racist Confederacy in 1984, centered in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This incarnation of the CSA initially consisted of the states of Alabama (capital in Florence), Mississippi (capital in Corinth), and Tennessee (capital in Adamsville). As word spread throughout the region, the states of Kentucky (centered in Mayfield), Jackson (the city-state of Jackson in western Tennessee), Arkansas (capital in Jonesboro), Missouri (capital in Portageville) and Georgia (capital in Rome) joined the fledgling nation. This CSA was distinguished from the start by a near-total denouncement of slavery and racism from the founding fathers and governmental leaders, it was rocked by the secession of Jackson in 1991, at the hands of leaders who eventually led it into isolationism. The fledging nation split politically in 1999 due to squabbling over various matters. The various towns that made up the eight states - most notably Adamsville, Corinth, Florence, Muscle Shoals, Rome, Savannah, Shiloh, Waterloo and Waynesboro - continue on, along with smaller towns and settlements in the region. Rome still operates under the structure of the officially dissolved Confederate State of Georgia. The Tennessee towns (except for Jackson) continue to work together. Corinth continues to recognize a State of Mississippi. Florence and other towns in north Alabama continue to recognize the Alabama state government. Mayfield is now part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Portageville and Jonesboro are associated with the Cape Girardeau government that is a part of the Dixie Alliance.
  • Rumors have political leaders in the region building toward restarting the former nation, particularly in light of the Dixie Alliance, as well as approaching other survivor states in the region about joining.
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