Alternative History
Confederate States of America
1861 –
CS Flag (A Southtron World).png Seal of the Confederate States of America.svg
"Deo Vindice"
"God Save the South"
The Confederate States in North America.
Capital Richmond
Largest City New Orleans
Other Cities Houston
Official language Southern English
Demonym Confederate, Southerner
State ideology Capitalism
Government Confederation, Republic
2005 –
Dixon Nesmith
Ted Cruz (D)
Speaker of the House
David Purdue (C)
Area 3,168,671 km² (2010)
Population 117,300,953 (2010)
- South Carolina Secession
- Establishment

December 20th, 1860
February 8th, 1861
December 2 1864
Currency Confederate Dollar (C$)
Religions Christianity and Catholicism
Preceded by US flag 33 stars.svg United States of America
Flag of South Carolina.svg South Carolina
Mississippi 1861.svg Mississippi
FloridaFlag3-OurAmerica.png Florida
Alabama 1861 Obverse.svg Alabama
Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Georgia
Flag of Louisiana (January 1861).svg Louisiana
TexasFlag-OurAmerica.png Texas
Organizations EPO CTA

The Confederate States of America (also called the Confederacy, the Confederate States, and the CSA) is a nation which was set up in 1861 by 11 southern slave slates of the United States of America that had declared their secession from the U.S.. The CSA's de facto control over its claimed territory varied during the course of the War of Southern Independence, depending on the success of its military in battle.

Asserting that states had a right to secede, seven states declared their independence from the United States before the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as President on March 4, 1861; four more did so after the War of Southern Independence began at the Battle of Ft. Sumter (April 1861). The government of the United States of America (The Union) regarded secession as illegal and refused to recognize the Confederacy. At first British and French commercial interests sold warships and materials to the Confederacy, but soon after the Confederate victory at the Battles of Gettysburg and Philadelphia, France passed a motion in November of 1863 declaring they recognized the Confederate States of America has a country. Soon after, Queen Victoria stated that the Confederate States were to be considered their "Most Favoured Nation".

The CSA effectively won its Independence from the United States in 1865 after General Ulysses S. Grant surrendered to General Robert E. Lee after Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia captured Washington, D.C. and President McClellan. With McClellan a Confederate Prisoner, Vice-President Pendleton was sworn in as President, only for the purpose of negotiating with incoming Confederate President Stephens about the Independence of the Confederacy and the defeat of the Union. Many thought that the Confederacy was going to demand vast amounts of land. With the help of England and France the Confederate States could take over the entire Union if they wished. However, the Confederates only wanted to control the states that had seceded (This included Missouri and Kentucky). It relinquished all claims to the land they had gained in the Northern theatre, but proclaimed that President McClellan would remain a Prisoner of War and the United States was to pay for all damage done to Confederate Property.

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