Confederate States of Halifax
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
Halifax Flag.svg Halifax COA.svg
Flag Coat of Arms

"United We Stand" (official)
(""We Confide as one"")

Anthem ""Farewell to Nova Scotia""
Capital Halifax
Largest city Halifax (pop. 390,000)
  others French
Religion Catholic
Demonym Haligonian
Government Constitutional Republic
Federal Chancellor Victor de Bedia Oland
Area 23,535 sq mi
Population 1,061,931 
Established 1970
Independence from Canada
  declared 1970
Currency Dollar
Time Zone UTC-4

The Confederate States of Halifax, also commonly known as Halifax, is a nation located in North America, in the former Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The nation of Halifax is one of the world's leading nations in science and technology, founding and housing the extensive United Cure Organization.


Pre-Apocalypse Timeline

In the years before the outbreak, the nation was non-existent. With the region greatly influenced by the great city of Halifax, many believed it was necessary to create an independent state after the outbreak.


Being a small state, the nation bases most of its resources on science and research while also protecting its citizens. In 1971, Victor de Bedia Oland created the United Cure Organization, in attempt to bring together intellectuals from every corner of the world in hope to cure the virus. On August 16, 1972 Newfoundland joined the Confederate States of Halifax, becoming the third State in the Confederation.


In 1973, a plan to build a bridge from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island was divised. The Bridge is planned to be government use only until the virus has been destroyed or a breakthrough in research has happened. The name of the plan is Caribou Bridge.

Caribou Bridge

In August 23, 1973, the plan was announced after a 100 million dollar loan was taken from the United States of America. The first bridge will connect the ocean's coast with the harbor's coast. The second bridge will start on the coast of Caribou Harbor, and onto Pictou bridge. This 10KM bridge will be a beam bridge with a Vertical-lift at the 2.5KM mark. The third bridge will be from Pictou Island across Northumberland Strait and onto Prince Edward Island. As Victor de Bedia Oland said, "This project will be a very difficult task for our country, but we believe it will prove benificial for the State of Prince Edward Island and our country as a whole."

The project was finished May 15, 1983.

Maps of Project





The Government isn't a militarized state. With most funding in science and social markets.


The current Chancellor has stated that the world must come together dispite ethnic, religious, and political differences.

Foreign Relations


  • Canada
  • Free Alaska
  • USA


Good Condition

  • England
  • Franklin
  • New England
  • Providence
  • Manhattan
  • South Acadia
  • Baxter
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • Erie
  • York Federation
  • Florida
  • Conch Republic
  • Mexico
  • Bay Republic
  • Louisiana
  • Northern California
  • Texas
  • Northwest Federation
  • France-
  • West Germany-
  • Malta-
  • Italy-
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Israel
  • South Vietnam
  • India
  • The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand:
  • Hawaii
  • South Vietnam


Not Trusted/Hated

  • USSR
  • China

At War with

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