Confederate States of Pemhakamik
Flag Confederate States of Pemhakamik (VegWorld)
Official languages English
Capital Savannah, F.D.
Largest City Atlanta
Population 4,291,000
HDI 0.873
Republic founded 1810 (Republic of West Florida), 1860 (creation of Confederate States)
Currency Confederate States Dollar (CSD)
Our Timeline Equivalent South Carolina (minus the northwest section), Georgia (southern 3/4), Alabama (southern 3/4)
Location Map Confederate States of Pemhakamik (VegWorld)



71% Non-Vegetarian
29% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

After its split with New England, the CSP brought over many indentured Africans. This lasted from roughly 1866 until 1910, and left the CSP with the largest population of Sub-Saharan Africans of any nation in Pemhakamik. During the same time period, many Pemhakamik Aboriginals fled to Muskogee, and to a lesser extent, New England and Florida. (The "Seminoles" of Florida are one such group.) Since the late 1960s, the CSP government has been working to smooth over race relations, which have long been strained.

83% Europeans
06% Sub-Saharan Africans
03% Pemhakamik Aboriginals
01% Orientals
06% mixed
01% other


A ban, enforced since the mid-1800s, on the teaching of Aboriginal languages was lifted in the 1960s. However, the over 100 years of the ban took its toll, leaving less than 1/3rd of Aboriginals with a firm knowledge of their native languages.

94% English
02% Celtic languages
02% Scots
01% Pemhakamik Aboriginal languages
01% other


The CSP has the highest percentage of church-goers, as well as Protestant Christians, in Pemhakamik. Though the majority of religious people believe in a secular government, the CSP is also known for its religious fanatics who wish to make Protestant Christianity (or Christianity in general) the state religion, saying that the CSP's roots are Christian (even though it is known, for example, that a Jew helped to design the flag).

71% Christian
59% Protestant
09% Catholic
03% other
16% Cathar
11% Non-religious
07% agnostic
04% atheist
02% others


The flag of the Confederate States of Pemhakamik was first flown in 1861. It is based on the "Bonnie Blue Flag" of the former Republic of West Florida, which had a single white star on a blue field. The white star and blue in the middle represent the freedom that West Florida had already achieved, while the red triangles (making the blue area into a saltire) represent the blood shed by the patriots of the four constituent states: West Florida, (South) Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. The white symbolizes peace between them all, and also makes the flag's colors red, white and blue, still seen as important colors even with the rebels.

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