Alternative History
Confederation of Georgia Mississippi Alabama and South Carolina
Timeline: These Fractured States

OTL equivalent: Deep South
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Atlanta
Largest city Atlanta
Language English
President Alexander Burgess
Independence 1933
Currency CGAMSC Dollar

The Confederation was formed by the various loyal states of the CSA as the nation broke apart. They are one of the most stable nations in America, and are arguably the strongest.


The CGAMSC has no set point at which it came into existence. Some say it was when Virginia seceded from the CSA others say it was when the new name was adopted, but regardless of when it emerged it spent the first 20 years in one disaster after another. It spent the first 5 years in a civil war as to who should lead them. Should it be a Governor and if so which one? Should it be congressmen Bob Wilson? Should it be a former president? Eventually Congressmen Bob Wilson was elected after 5 years when the next election was to be held. The loss of trade destabilized the nation further and so the nation continued to deteriorate until the election of President Chilton, who pulled the nation out of its deadly spiral. Over the next 50 years the policies implemented by President Chilton have stabilized the CGAMSC and even made it a significant power.