Confederation of States
Confederate Rebel Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
World Map 2
Red is the Confederation of States

Deo Vindice
("Under God, Our Vindicator")

Anthem "Dixie's Land"
(and largest city)
  others French, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Arabic, Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish
Religion many
Ethnic Groups
  others Black, Hispanic, Arabic
Demonym Confederate
Government Republic
  legislature Confederate Senate
Independence from United States of America
  declared February 22, 1935
Currency Confederate Dollar


I Wish I Was In Dixie The Confederate Anthem

I Wish I Was In Dixie The Confederate Anthem

The Confederation of States TL is, what if the United States became bankrupt in 1935?

Government of the Confederacy

The Government of the Confederacy is made up of the Confederate Senate which is made up of two senators from each state and a representative selected by the executive branch of each state. The Senate of the Confederacy makes laws that must stay within the limits of the Confederate Constitution which is much like the US Constitution except without a Congress.

Flag of the Confederacy

The flag's design is the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. It was adopted as the flag of the Confederation of States as it is often used to represent the Southern United States where the nation is located. No official definition of why there are thirteen stars or the actual design exist to this day except that it "Represents this country's people and culture".


The Confederation of States was formed when the United States went bankrupt in 1935 and many states seceded. Florida was the first of the states in the south to secede and after convincing many of the military units in Florida to stay in Florida they were able to capture all but 2 of the Navy and Coast Guard ships in stationed in Florida.

Florida then promptly captured Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana in that order. After the two years of conquest of those states Florida sent a letter of union to Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Only Tennessee and Arkansas responded. They formed the Confederation of States.

One year after this they 'liberated' Federal States of America occupied Kentucky. The FSA responded immediately but the experienced Confederate Army was able to push the inexperienced FSA Army back to the Ohio River. The Treaty of Nashville was signed and the FSA rescinded all claims to Kentucky.

The Confederacy then moved their capital to Mobile, Alabama because of a threat of Georgia. The Confederacy then invaded the Republic of Texas, the Commonwealth of Missouri, and the Democracy of Oklahoma. They were both quickly over whelmed by the highly experienced Confederate Army but did cause many casualties due to militia groups in cities often fighting to the death. The Confederacy now looked east and invaded all up the coast. Georgia, Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, DC, West Virginia, and Delaware were all quickly conquered as they were in a state of anarchy and the people hailed them as liberators.

Former USA

the former United States of America in 1942














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