The Conference of Alexandria was a meeting held in 1617 between representatives of the Rashidun Caliphate and the Papal States in the city of Alexandria, Egypt, known to the western world as a place of learning and diverse philosophies for thousands of years. As both nations at the conference were theocracies of Catholic Christianity and Sunni Islam respectively, the majority of the discussion revolved around the understanding of the two religions and how they coexist within western civilization.

Topics proposed at the Conference

Theological topics

  • There is one God, and it is the duty of man to worship Him alone. Paganism and polytheism should be ended through missionary work
  • Injustice and cruelty of men is a force of the Devil, such as in the form of slavery
  • The Pope has primacy over the Christian quarter of Jerusalem, while the Patriarch in Pontus has primacy over the Armenian quarter
  • There aught to be a mutual exchange of literature between the Christian and Islamic worlds, especially literature of a scientific nature
  • There aught to be a Christian-Muslim discussion held about every ten years in a rotating set of cities, consisting of the most eminent scholars from each hemisphere
  • The Papacy and the Caliph will refrain from conversion activities within each other's core territories, and will allow minority Muslim/Christian populations to practice their religion with minimal interference

Political/Economic topics

  • The Caliphate proposes permitting the Papal States alone access to the Fatha Al-Farun (Suez), in exchange the Pope does not condone any attack on the Caliphate's core sovereign territory.
  • The Caliphate will not colonise in the New World beyond the limit determined in the agreement with the Holy Roman Emperor.


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