The Conference of New Vienna was the first official meeting of the Union of Borealia and Hesperia, deciding whether or not to be involved in the Great War in Europe.

Background Information

Belligerents in the War

The nations currently involved in the war are:

The Axis:

The Allies

Previous Relations with Borealia and Hesperia

  • Reme, Andea, Borealia, Emereldie, Mexaca, and Algonquia have fought against Germany in the German Colonial War, with varying levels of peace relations established since.
  • Algonquia, Borealia, and Reme have fought with Scandinavia in the Winter War, and are still in a tense relationship
  • Reme and Rome have signed the Treaty of the Brothers (can't find the actual treaty. if you can find it, that would be great)
  • Andea has been a long and strong supporter of Rome's existence
  • Emereldie and France have opposing claimants of the government of France, having recently acknowledged each other's legitimacy.
  • Communism only has a marginal presence in this hemisphere, along with the ideologies of the Grand Tripartite.


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