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In 1871, Serbian nationalists wanted to free their country from the Ottomans. As Ottomans attacked Serbia, Romania and Montenegro joined the war on their side. Ottomans were also weakened by Serbian revolutions in Bosnia and Bulgarian and Macedonian nationalists. As the Ottoman Empire was losing to the small Balkan nations, there was a great opportunity for Austria-Hungary to strengthen its position in the Balkans. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Romania and Ottoman Empire, but it was used by Czechs, Croats, Serbians and Romanians in Austria-Hungary to free from it. Also, as Russia and Greece joined war on Serbia's side, Italy forced Austria-Hungary to give them south Tirol. As war ended, several nations got independence and Austria-Hungary was dissolved. But Germans in Czechia wanted to unite with Germany, and Czech leader died soon. Czechia fell into anarchy and united back with Austria.

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