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A list of Wars in the alternate history Central World.

20th Century

Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents Location
Side 1 Side 2
1914 1918 First World War Europe
1928 1930 Tacna War South America
1932 1935 Chaco War South America
1939 1945 Second World War Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
1945 1953 War of the Ural Ural Mountains (Eurasia)
28, June 1956 30, June 1956 Posen Uprisings
  • Flag of GermanyAnti-Fascists, Labourers, and Other Civilians
Posen, Prussia, German Empire
23, October 1956 10, November 1956 Hungarian Revolution
  • Flag of HungaryAnti-Fascists, Labourers, and Other Civilians
  • Flag of HungaryHungarian Separatists
  • Flag of Hungary (1957-1989; unofficial)Hungarian Communists
  • Flag of HungaryHungarian Liberals, and Freethinkers
  • Peoples of the USGA
Hungary, United States of Greater Austria
January 1968 21, August 1968 Warsaw Pact Invasion of North USGA Netherlands
1966 1969 War of the Patagonia

1979 1988 War of the Kazhakstan Central Asia

21th Century

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