Alternative History
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The Congress of Santa Marta takes place in January of 1826, before the Congress of Panama. Between the agreements that are arrived at is to establish different a territorial division, giving greater autonomy to the departments and to unify the control of the army.

The departments of Orinoquía, separated of Venezuela, and Panama and Popayán, separated of New Granada are created therefore. A parliamentary regime settles down, by means of as, the bicameral parliament chooses the President, who exerts like government and Chief of State, and to the vice-president, who replaces permanently to the president like head of government when this she cannot fulfill his obligations temporary or. Also the Senate ratifies the appointments of the high military cupolas.

Bolivar is ratified like president and Santander like vice-president. Páez is named commander of the troops, Sucre is chosen like commander of the infantry, Cordova like commander of the cavalry and? Like commander of the Navy.