Alternative History
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Connecticut was one of the original thirteen United States and part of New England. It traces its history to a Puritan settlement founded in 1636. Connecticut grew as an early center of American shipping and industry. As the New York City metro area sprawled out in all directions, it came to include much of southwestern Connecticut. The state was one of the most densely-populated in the nation.


A small state very close to the nation's largest city and financial capital, Connecticut was devastated by the Doomsday event of 1983. Multiple nuclear missiles took out New York City and Long Island, which covered much of the state in radioactive fallout. Other known targets within the state's borders include the following (this list may be incomplete):

  • Hartford: the state capital
  • Groton: Naval Submarine Base New London

Besides these missile strikes, the Connecticut Yankee and Millstone nuclear power plants experienced total meltdowns either during or shortly after the Doomsday event.


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The only sizable communities known to still exist in Connecticut are in Litchfield County, comprising the northwest corner of the state. The area has been reincorporated as a county of the Republic of Vermont. Vermont in fact claims the entirety of Connecticut's territory, though much of it remains unsafe for habitation.